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Commune is similar to Community only instead of old ladies twitching net curtains and screaming that "The Smiths have got a new baby from the shop dear! And that Morrisey is looking f-a-t!" they consist of either hippies or farmers sitting around doing nothing or sleeping. Communes are gathering of like-minded people you see, living a happy life together, doing similar stuff, like farming kittens for huffing, or just huffing kittens bought from dealers. Their children run around kicking chickens and not receiving any education.


Certain communes participate in Praying for Space Jesus, Space Christendom being a common religion among those depraved and foolish hippies who partake in communes. The praying can take on a Cult-like aspect, with giant polystyrene effigies of leaders being constructed the whole time, filling up acres of fields with their poorly defined features. When the wind blows across certain parts of Essex, it is written, the resonant howling from the millions of polystyrene statues of Ringo Starr and David Essex lined up in rows throughout that poorly enunced county.


The problems of communes come when they start selling pegs, because this drives up peg inflation, a major world problem resulting in the death of millions of jobs and the screaming of 40 babies. As well as this collecting rags brings problems because often the rags smell and stink out the place. The communities leave their communes, leaving only polystyrene icons which clutter up the place and encourage That Sort Of Thing.

Important communes[edit]

  • The Commune of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends which is responsible for a great deal of railway lines across the world
  • The Commune of Gregory Tindelborough who advocates having friendly yet intimate with the grass in order to be at one with nature more
  • The Commune of Tratchett McFargochetti The Fist The First, who loves getting it on down, and runs his commune just off the Grand Funk Railway. To join one must have a lot of Funk in your veins, pure and unrefined, and huff kittens 24/8 (There are 8 days there: Tuesday Thirday Thurday Flyingday Kittenhuff Huffsberryday and Thratchettyday and another day) and there are parties held all night, which are all on the down-stroke, 'cos you gotta get up gotta get up gotta get down.
  • The Commune of Flagpole Senior and His Band Of Banditos, which believe in sucking toes to save your soul
  • The Commune of Commune's, where all available Commune's come together as one gigantic Commune, then they commute to a communist country and commision complacent commie's to come up with the name of a new community. They came up with the Commune of Commune's.

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