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Most Communist Warriors exibit unexpected traits and the purpose of this article is to familiarize you with these traits so that you can recognize these individuals and then proceed to destroy them, along with their offspring.

Their leader is Nancie , daughter of Stalin and a miniture, dwarf elf named OOpalugarah. Her interests include Ebay, The Sims, Yahoo games and Oprah. Not what would normally come to mind when you think of a world domination obsessed Communist Warrior, right? That is why you must study these traits, memorize them and learn to recognize them. The fate of the world is in your hands!!!

Common traits of Communist Warriors:

1) They are generally females, aged 30-45

2) They watch Oprah religiously

3) They are often found in small cities, such as North Battleford, in the province of Saskatchewan.

4) They use The Sims computer game to strategize communist coups BEWARE!!

--Nancie : "Communism is my life and I will fight until the end for a world, for the people. I am a schoolteacher so that I canbrainwash the youth of today! I have a great army of young people called the Nancie Youth, which I have modelled after the Hitler Youth, using similar strategies so that the children will obey my every command."