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“Man, when you wrote this article, exactly which drug were you high on?”

~ Everybody on the guy who originally wrote this article

Congress (pronounced Kong-dress), sometimes spelled congrefs, is the clothing label of King Kong's daughter, Stella McKong. It is also an established political party in India, made famous because for some magical reason that only Chuck Norris and God know about, each of their candidates last names are Gandhi Congress also refers to the collective noun for a group of baboons or old white men. They make up some house in America. Dont know much about them though. (Stupid American Politics) One exception to the old white men is the Congressional Black Caucus, a group that works to grant immunity to socialist black people charged with crimes on the basis that they are black, not white, victims, profiled, and of course, not white. Being a member of the Congressional Darky Caucus allows you to store African money in your freezer, because they all are blindly loyal to African dictators.

Widely believed to be a colossal waste of time, money,and air, this place is inhabited by certain creatures called "Career Politicans." These creatures have no brains and money pouring out of all holes. They are also renowned for their ability to speak with teleprompters. First seen as a tortoise when Ted Kennedy said,"We got skillz in government and stuff."

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1. An alternate definition, that may or may not have been set forth by John Adams: "I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called 'a disgrace', that two are called 'a law firm', and that three or more become 'a congress'." -Oscar Wilde, stealing material from John Adams as usual.

2. The opposite of progress; see government.

3. Intercourse (Sexual Congress)

4. Act of sexual congress One of the houses of government in America.

5. Congress is a collective of beings from a complicated society which attempts to mimic human society by wearing suits, and devaluing the opinion of others. They first invaded the planet in 1800 and colonized the Capitol building, converting it to their needs, complete with a food nipple for sustenance, and an apparatus that gives the sensation of receiving anal sex.

In 1905, Congress was temporarily exiled when US citizens discovered the ability to make decisions on their own using a device called a "brain". They returned when the citizens discovered that the device made them less ignorant to their own idiocracy.

6. If con is the opposite of pro, what is the opposite of progress?

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8. Antonym: Progress