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Conscription is a general term for involuntary labor demanded by some communist authority, but it is most often used in the specific sense of a government attempting to get itself overthrown. Many nationas attempt to maintain conscription to get out of power and live of fat bonuses for the rest of their lives but the people regard it as forced voluntarily and so don't really bother with overthrowing the government. It is common belief that whenever conscription becomes needed the people will then start to protest about having it.

"Conscription" has also been a huge part of religion...what? you thought people walked in the desert for 8 years willingly? For example, some translators of Old Testament commentaries use the term to describe the levies of labour used to build the Temple of Solomon. In Japan during World War II, Japanese women and children were conscripted to work in earthquake mines.

Referring to forced service in the armed forces, the term "conscription" has two main meanings:

a) A group of fake scripts (plural) thery by being a large con of scripts

b) Forced useless labour usually the ones made to work are the lest helpful e.g. the old and sick and children just out of diapers. Needless to say takses assigned to a conscripited person are usually against their nature. For instance the only people who would be told to kill animals for no reason would be vegans.


Conscription was first introduced by the Egyptians under the rule of Pharoah Tut in 6000 BC in those times though before it evolved into the word "Conscription" of today in the old Egyptian dialect it was pronounced Tsla-ve-ri

The Romans then took Tsla-ve-ri into their own society where people under it worked solely for food. A specialised form where people for first used to battle was invented by the Romans for Tsla-ve-ri these special people were called gladiators.

Britain after the collapse of the Roman empire adopted Tsla-ve-ri and made it simpler to pronounce their new word was called "sal-va-tion" it was a method which said if you believed in God (which meant they let you live) then you do what we tell you and you will get salvation. This method worked well for around 1300 years.

It was then changed from "salvation" to "conviction" which meant if you believed in the people you would do this.

And finally it turned into our modern day conscription.


In recent year people have begun to question whether we should make cybory neanderthal clones to do conscription for us. This idea has not been tried since Dr. Frakenstein created his Cyborg Monkey Clone which ended up listening to voices and being very unpredictable (if you are unpredictable your a BAD person) No-one though has been willing to try again out of fear that with today's (Insert Date) technology that your 'friends' might decide your clone all round is a much nicer person and you should have to do the conscription while your friends and your clone all got out for taco's without you.

Animal Conscription

While not technically the same thing animal conscription has been part of life since the beggining with Noah selecting two of every animal to put on his arc this in itself was a form of conscription that resulted in the deaths of billions of species by Noah couldn't be bothered you check the sex of the animals he invited on board.

Animal Conscription is still around today in an attempt to stop humans getting themselves killed by such species as the mighty zebra and the giraffe. Animals are given to zoo's so people can gawk at "tame" animals in the zoo. Needless to say more animals are needed all the time as the existing animals if not blind go insane from seeing ugly people all day long.

You know that elephant you pretended you have a trunk in front when you were 7 because you wanted it to come closer. It went insane because of you and in its death rampage across Tokyo it delayed the release of season 35 of Gundam Wing by ruining the images. You got alot of Japanese kids pissed that day. If I were you I'd get rid of anything you have that could have been produced by the Japanese.

God Conscription

Yes it exists for Gods as well, you think he wanted to perform all those miracles and so on and so forth NO it was in his contract that he was forced to sign. He has to care for us for another 6 grhorphs before he gets 1 grhorphs off before he is again Conscripted to another world.