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Controversy (Latin: contrary verse) is a type of self-referential lyric that explains how controversial one is due to one's own popularity. Controversy was first used by Shakespeare in verse, with notable examples such as "Publishers haf no wont for me, fore I amf philled wit controversie" and "Mine lyrics art so lyrical, they didst piss oft the Queen who ist most empirical."

Controversy shows a deep seated awareness for one's work and it's effect on others. It is used by independent artists such as Eminem, who famously stated:

Wikipedia controversy[edit]

Controversy is Wikipedia's main ingredahahahahahahhahahhahahient. An article that doesn't include a controverse on the subject matter is doomed to never be featured on its main page. Its staff is the stuff of controverse as well, in order to move up in the pecking order you must have collaborated on, or written, at least 11 controversial articles.

Some of these articles are so controversial, that they no longer even rhyme. Staffers themselves will often be seen waxing lyrical about each other, in rather controversial terms. For example, it is believed that Eminem copied the controversial statement from Jimbo Wales.

Controversial controversies[edit]

Any and all of George W. Bush's utterings are deemed controversially controversial, and have been given a literary category of their own: Bushisms.

Controversy about controversy[edit]

There are many critics of controversy. Opponents of controversy point out that, while engaging, time spent in controversy would be better spent huffing kittens or kicking baby seals. Supporters of controversy reply that controversy is an acceptable substitute to kitten huffing, or can be done while kitten huffing occurs. Opponents also point out that controversy is associated with all the ills of society; War, Peace, Britney Spears, God, Satan, Kitten Huffing, and Oprah Winfrey. That these are related, they claim, is no small coincidence; the fact that everything associated with human suffering is controversial proves that controversy itself is the actual cause for all human suffering.

Examples of controversy[edit]