Coopact Wars

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The Coopact Wars are a conflict spurred by the spread of Juslim as a major religion. This massive conflict has expanded across the northern United States and Canada, although neither of those countries are directly involved. Casualties number in the tens of thousands.


In 1988, Niagara Falls was destroyed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the aftermath, and with the rebirth of the local economy, Jews and Palestinians in the region came together to form the Jewish-Palestinian Pact. Outraged by this Pact, and especially by the hybrid religion Juslim which it created, orthodox Jews and Muslims formed the Judaic-Muslim Co-op.

Opposing sides[edit]

The Pact[edit]

The Pact were a peaceful people with a rapid expansion coefficient in the days before the war. They are currently led by the great general Al Geebra, (in fact a Catholic mercenary) to whom many attribute the flourishing of Juslim population and formidable numbers of the Pact.

The Pact infantry are primarily armed with bos and long swords. Known as Pactlings, these infantry are generally regarded as suicidal cannon fodder, but Pactlings themselves seem to care little. Other members of the Pact armed forces include Pacters, Pactlisks, and Ultrapactalisks. Together they form the formidable force responsible for current victories in the Coopact Wars.

The Co-op[edit]

The Co-op was formed for the express purpose of destroying the Pact. Technologically advanced, though limited in number, the Co-op are supported across the world, particularly in Germany, India, and Syria.

The Co-op can effectively slaughter the Pact as it attacks, but based on poor leadership and some petty squabbles within the group, they are in full retreat to their base in the Champaign, Illinois region.

Path of War[edit]

The war has meandered across the tundra wastes of the Northern United states, ranging from Niagara Falls and Champaign, across Washington and Wisconsin. Lately, the most ferocious battles have been fought for control of the potato fields in the neck of Idaho.

At the time of this writing, once can only surmise what course the war will take, but it appears that the Pact, in a desperate bid for self-defence, have pushed back the Co-op through much of Pennsylvania, as well as establishing some control of the potato fields in the Idaho region.