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A covenant is a binding agreement between two or more parties with the blessing, and in the sight, of God (see Zuul). The first step in covenanting is for all involved parties to mutually agree on a sacrificial animal. Most often the animal in question is a lamb or goat, but sometimes a chinchilla or child is used. Once chosen, and in order to get God's attention, the animal must be split evenly amongst all parties and dragged from the center of the town through the city streets for all to observe. Upon reaching the outskirts of town the parties must follow the trail of blood back while reciting the terms of the covenant and the "Battle Hym of the Republic". This is to ensure that no fine print goes unnoticed; however, some fast-talkers have been known to still slip some terms in unnoticed (see Abraham Lincoln and Wesley Willis).

There have been many famous covenants in history. The Jews had a covenant with God about something or other. Walt Disney and George Steinbrenner have both made covenants with Satan. Everyone that has ever been married has made a covenant with unhappiness.

Also, a very ugly, aggressive, fierce, militant, rutheless, angry, violent, brutal, savage, vicous, antagonistic, hostile, aggressive, assertive, bellicose, belligerent, combative, contentious, gladiatorial, quarrelsome, frantic, frenzied, mad, destructive, ruinous, alien race. The government tried to cover up their existence by hiring Bill Gates to create a so called "fictional" game called Halo. However there are some who realize the danger and have taken steps to prepare the human race for annihilation. Rooster Teeth is the greatest of such Prognosticators. They have created the historically accurate and educational series called Red Vs Blue.