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The CowGoat in its natural habitat.


~ CowGoat on Scott, Chubbs and Luke departing

CowGoat is the fourth reincarnation of the Dalai Llama who is currently residing in Te Rapa, just out of Hamiltron in New Zealand.


Precious little is known about the CowGoat's origins. It is suspected that he may have orchestrated his own entrance to the Earth using common household materials and "one we prepared earlier". Although the details are sketchy, it is most certain that the CowGoat does exist.


The CowGoat prefers to put its genius to good use by residing in a field. Anything beyond this simple act of ascetism would be sacriligious and could potentially throw the planet out of orbit.

Despite its own self-restrictions that do not allow the CowGoat out of its field, he still enjoys entertaining visitors. His favourite visitors are Scott Penk, Chubbs and Luke Turner. Witnesses have reported mournful sighs when the trio eventually depart the presence of the CowGoat.


Many British tabloids have reported an affair between CowGoat and Chubbs. Although the sources are yet unidentified, internet rumours have proved this relationship exists beyond reasonable doubt.