Creatures of SPACE

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Creatures of SPACE are so powerful they are sometimes compared to the mighty AAAAAAAAA!

They are messiahs chosen by the Space Tomato Plant to protect the universe from different things that may be out to get you. If you knew how many things there are out to get you it's clear how bad they are their jobs.

Why havn't they lost their jobs?[edit]

Deep down they don't really care about the universe... or anything for that matter. They do, however, enjoy apple pie.

Who are the Creatures of SPACE?[edit]

    • Space Spiders: Space Spiders do not attack the living. They eat zombie planets for the good of the universe. If you are bitten by a Black widow, have turned into a planet and are a zombie you have been warned.
    • The Space Squid: The Space Squid is the gardener on Hailey’s Comet. The Space Squid is not to be confused with The Ghost Squid.
    • Space Tomato Plant: The Space Tomato plant is the most powerful of all the Creatures of SPACE. The Space Tomato plant is what feeds the other Creatures of SPACE. It is the most beautiful plant of all even though it slobbers over Playgirl.

What is the garden on Hailey's Comet for?[edit]

The garden is a rehab for kittens that have been huffed and are now traumatized. All kittens go home happy. Then they are soon huffed again. Then they go back to rehab making a never ending cycle, bringing in a lot o money to the rehab.

Tea Parties[edit]

The Creatures of SPACE are known to have many tea parties with Giant Ostrichs. Giant Ostrichs are not to be mistaken for Giant Squid.

Is Lord Evil Teddy Bear as powerful as the Creatures of SPACE?[edit]

This is a total load of bull. Lord Evil Teddy Bear is more powerful then all of the Creatures of SPACE even if they all had an army of tacos.

Is Lord Evil Teddy Bear at the top of the Creatures of SPACE's List of Things that May Be Out to Get You to Destroy or Eat?[edit]

They never had a list like that. That name it stupid. The entire idiea of the Creatures of SPACE is stupid. I told you they don't care about that/anything. Go away.