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This was taken with the old digital camera. As soon as I figure out how to use the new one, there's going to be a lot more detail.

Little definitive information is known about the creepy guy who lives across the street, aka Jake Coe other than his last name ("Walters"), and his general appearance - white, about 5'10", heavy-set, dark-haired, and generally unattractive. He purchased the small, two-bedroom home approximately ten weeks ago, and after having his belongings loaded in by professional movers, he has only been seen outside when getting his mail or mowing his lawn. He owns a Buick Regal, but has never been seen driving it.

Significant Observations[edit]

Sometimes the nun exits through the garage.

Even casual observation reveals that the Creepy Guy leaves his large-screen television on essentially around the clock. It is difficult to determine what channel he has it tuned to because of the glass curtains covering his living-room window, but it appears to be one of the major 24-hour cable news channels, or possibly C-SPAN. (The volume is too low to hear from the sidewalk; attempts made with a stethoscope and a super low-impedance pinpoint-directional shotgun mic were less than successful.)

Lights are turned on and off in the Creepy Guy's house seemingly at random, or as if they were programmed in some way. One explanation for this may be that the Creepy Guy owns a remote lighting controller of some kind, and plays with the buttons when he gets bored.

The Creepy Guy receives no visitors, except for one: a nun, who appears roughly between 5 PM and 6 PM each Friday evening. She appears to be carrying nothing when she arrives, stays for only about 5 minutes (the longest visit was 7 minutes 47 seconds, according to the stopwatch), and also leaves empty-handed. The nun could be a relative, or a charity worker of some description, but she has never been approached or identified.

How the Creepy Guy obtains groceries, general-purpose household items, and other supplies remains a mystery. While boxes are occasionally delivered, the number and size of the boxes appear to be insufficient volume-wise to feed one person, even assuming that all the boxes contain foodstuffs. Moreover, the Creepy Guy does not sign for the boxes, even though he is always at home. Instead, he waits, and opens the door to retrieve them as soon as the UPS or FedEx driver leaves.

On occasion it seems that the Creepy Guy stares into your house uneasily while on the computer, before typing about it on a website that appears, according to your binoculars, to have a potato in the left-hand corner.


A picture of the Creepy Guy's bedroom, after successfully breaking into his house. Of particular note is all the equipment. He then chased me out with a baseball bat and threatened to call the police. Weird.
  • The Creepy Guy purchased the house across the street for roughly $110,000.00, though the actual amount was probably less, since this was the asking price and not the final negotiated price. Since the Creepy Guy's source of income is unknown, it seems likely that he either telecommutes or maintains a home-based business, possibly an internet-based one. It is also possible that he has independent means, i.e., has inherited a large amount of money, won the money somewhere, or obtained a large legal settlement. Sorry, now we're getting more into conjecture. See below.
  • Every few nights, the sound of power tools can be clearly heard emanating from the Creepy Guy's basement. One of the tools is clearly either a circular saw or table saw, though there is no evidence of lumber ever having been loaded into (or out of) the Creepy Guy's house. It seems likely that the Creepy Guy is heavily remodeling the interior, for purposes unknown.
  • Once, while mowing his lawn, one of the kids from a few doors down the street accidentally threw a football that landed in the Creepy Guy's driveway. Whereas most people would have at least waved to the kid, or possibly picked up the ball and thrown it back, the Creepy Guy acted as if nothing was happening. There was literally no reaction or acknowledgment from him whatsoever as the kid retrieved the ball and went back down the street. Weird.
  • The Creepy Guy's garage door never closes, even though it clearly has a working automatic opener. Anyone could walk in and steal practically anything, though nobody does.
  • The Creepy Guy was once seen at the local store, where he stared endlessly at the frozen food aisle whilst holding a large jar of Peanut Butter and a six-pack of beer. He then grabbed a box of Kid Cuisine and immediately left the premises.
  • The Creepy Guy was also seen outside of Old Man Stiller's window holding a jar of pickles and breathing heavily.

Having a possible hand in the Little boy who lives down the street Missing Persons Case[edit]

Reports of the Little boy who lives down the street going missing have been made several times to police. Some reports of the Creepy Guy luring the Little boy who lives down the street into his house for some candy have brought attention to the police. Police have been to the Creepy Guy's home on at least three occasions and on the third time had a search warrant to look through his home in which police have described the Creepy Guy being extremely nervous as they conducted the search. Apparently no sign of the Little boy who lives down the street was found in the house much to the suspicious sigh of relief as the police officers left the house. Still to this day the Little boy who lives down the street still remains missing and beleive he is to be presumed dead. The Creepy Guy is still being observed by the neighborhood watch and local authorities as they suspect he is indeed murderer. Since no evidence is found the sounds of typing can be heard in the Creepy Guy's home. A report claimed by a member of the neighborhood watch who spied through the Creepy Guy's window saw him typing a novel called, "If I Done It: How I Raped and Killed the Little Boy Who Lives Down the Street " which sparked great shock to the neighborhood watch member's eyes. This has been claimed to be an urban ledgend since the book has yet to be published, but has brought a great deal of concern to the neighboring residence to this day.


  • One of the other neighbors, whose full name you also don't know, once suggested that the Creepy Guy is operating a "meth lab" in his basement, or is really Carlos Pablo Jesus Rodriguez Martinez pedro De La Puta La Ramani Vieja, a high-ranking member of a Colombian drug cartel.
  • Someone you had a phone conversation with six months ago, whose name may have been "Bill" but you can't recall precisely, guessed that the Creepy Guy may be in the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program. If so, you'll probably never know for certain, because you actually live in Canada.
  • Your mom claims that you don't call her often enough, and has speculated that she would be better off if the Creepy Guy were her son, not you.

Future Plans[edit]

The plan regarding the Creepy Guy is to do nothing — for now. Clearly, it is vital that the plan remain flexible, in case the Creepy Guy should pose a danger to the neighborhood. Extreme and continued vigilance is clearly called for. If you should notice anything unusual about the Creepy Guy, anything whatsoever, please report it to our toll-free Creepy Guy Hotline at 1-888-CREEEPY.

A possible report of the Creepy Guy planning on moving has been made rummor, but no information to back this issue up has been brought to light.

There has been sightings of him reported near the Chatham FC football grounds, there has been scientific evidence that he is going to kill everyone in teh world, with his EPIC B.O. BOMB!

Start a rap group.

Open a resteraunt called Creepy Guy' Grill.

Possibly plans to go on a shooting spree at the local high school because the neighbors treat him like he's a Creepy outcast with the addition of his Creepy Guy Grill resteraunt going out of business due to Obama's ridiculous taxes.

Possibly will get away with the mass murder due to knowing all the exits to the high school or shoot himself due to his Creepy personality.

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