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Criscomedia, a company, owned by a human sized talking gopher, which produces entertainment and media productions for Othertimelines News Network, was founded in September 2005 by Crisco, who currently serves as its President, CEO, and Productions Manager. Its more notable productions include the hit TV series Chicago Justice, the Thirteen Part Mini-Series Durkafest, the Wargame Story Saga of the Storm, as well as the classic movie War of the Criscos, all of which can be seen on

Chicago Justice[edit]

Chicago Justice was created by Criscomedia in August 2005, and tells the story of the re-emergence of gang war in 1930's Chicago after the murder of Al Capone. It tells the story of prominent figures in the re-emergence of the Chicago Gangs; from the gang members themselves, to the city officials who try to bring them down, right to the soldiers who are guarding against the 'leftist threat'.

Chicago Justice has undergone numerous formatting changes over its history. During the first week, each scene was its own episode. This was then changed to include five scenes in every episode. Recently, with the addition of new characters, the format was once again changed to have three scenes air every episode. Original episodes have been re-numbered to reflect this new formatting change. Chicago Justice was also renamed from its original title, For The Love of Justice, near the end of the first season.

Chicago Justice can be seen every Wednesday night at 8 PM Eastern, only on


Durkafest was created by Criscomedia in September 2005 to celebrate the re-birth of the centuries old Durkafest celebration. It tells the story of the re-incarnation of the Durkafest Battle, with guest appearances from most of the Othertimelines populace. The winner of the 2005 Durkafest Battle was Team Rohan, who defeated Team Eriador in a one-on-one tiebreak thriller.

Saga of the Storm[edit]

Saga of the Storm was created by Criscomedia in October 2005, as a sequel to the Eye of the Storm IV Wargame. With aid from Empire Media, the story was written by a number of different authors; all of them being participants in the EOTS series. Saga of the Storm marks the first joint-production story in the history of