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“Blaaarghh...excuse me while throw up, I do.”

~ Yoda on Crispy Cream Models

“Oooh, yucky.”

~ God on Crispy cream Models

A History of Crispy Cream Models[edit]

A Crispy Cream Model with big assets, and big everything else.Ewww.

In 1925,the Crispy Cream doughnut factory began a Mrs. Crispy Cream contest. Requierments for entery in this contset were as follows:

  • You needed to be atleast 200.lbs or more.
  • You needed to be ambiatory.
  • You needed to be atleast 18 or older.
  • You needed to be a real female. (No Drag-Fags or Heterosexuals allowed)
  • You needed to be Fat.

The turnout at the factory the next day was awe-inspiering. Never had anyone attempted to place this amount of body-mass in a room at one time. There were so many fatties, the decisson was made to start a magizine and calender. The models possed with clevage-layers floping out of the XXXXXXL+ bikinis. And so, a legacy of lard-ass models was started. Many a fat-chick has spilled her layers of skin on the pages of crispy cream's play-boy knock-off. And somehow, the magizines and calenders actualy have generated profits.

How In The Hell?[edit]

Who in the Hell finds this morbid image sexy? Aparently, somebody does.

As scary as it may be to most, there are those wierd people out there with a fat fetish. They bought the calenders and magizines in droves. It became nearly impossible to find any Crispy Cream Model merchndise. The scary part is how quickly the stuff left the shelfs. A Goverment Funded Study revaled that 2.5 thousand of the 8.9 billon americans had a fat fetish. The Crispy Cream Factory decided they should mass produce there infamous fat girl calennders and magizines.

People Who Have A Fat-Fetish:

Protests against the Crispy Cream Co.[edit]

For every one person out there with a fat-fetish, there are atleast 1,000 people against it. The UPAFP (United Peoples Against Fat Peoples) was formed by a group fighting against this morbid horror on magizine shelfs everwhere. The group was founded by You Know Who in 1985, and still exists underground. They were the KKK of fat people raceists. The would stop at nothing, and still don't to this day.

God God! My Eyes! I've Been Blinded!

List of People in the UPAFP:

Taking Action[edit]

Ewww! Help UPAFP rid this morbid display!

The UPAFP encourages action against fat people in small bikinis. They belive a world without fat people is utopia. You can help them by Calling 1800-808080-UPAFP to get a membership and show support for their cause.

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