Cruft Committee

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Cruft Committee are Uncyclopedia's pet trolls. They have an obsession bordering on masturbatory about Trent Reznor which many others find perplexing.

Physical Description[edit]

Like most trolls in the Wild they breath vitriol, consume bandwidth and produce shit, however there is some evidence that they may posses some limited form of communication that allows them some simply co-ordination amongst themselves, they have as yet however been unable to master the concept of creating a user account, perhaps the effort of remembering their username and password would prove to be too much for their limited capacities thus they are all still IP users only.

Evidence of Co-operation[edit]

Ignoring numerous edits to add links to Trent Reznor to existing pages (which many do), The Cruft Committeee have, with the minimum of hand holding been able to create the Cruft page, this has given the whole Uncyclopedia community the same warm tingly glow that a parent feels when their offspring manages to "go potty" for the first time all on their own.

Future Prospects[edit]

It is hoped that some time in the next year the Cruft Committee will be able to produce a second or maybe, just maybe a third page, with any luck it will, in addition to being original, be funny as well; we can but hope.


Ignoring the threats of the committee itself (which many find so cute and endearing) there are some major threats to their continued existence, already one member has had to be put down for widderling on the rug articles and Cruft is on VFD, perhaps a course at obedience school is needed.