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“I have a crySpace too.”

~ Oscar Wilde on CrySpace

CrySpace is the original social faggoting website, though other faggot gay queer bitch 'fucker sites such as MyFAG,FAGBOOK,MyBOOK(not to mix up with MyBOOKSAREGAY) claim to be the original faggots, but what they really are is a ripoff of CrySpace, which is a faggot.


A typical CrySpace user's profile.

The users of CrySpace vary from emo to faggot, becuase not stereotyping everyone into a "faggot" mold would be logical, and we wouldn't want that. Liking bands including, but not limited to My Faggot Romance, Fucking Faggot Hawthorne Heights, and Faggot Killthequeers Day. CrySpace is the perfect place for these faggot queer faggot fag fag gays to spend their time (most likely crying). They become obsessive and threaten themselves if you do not comment them, as you can see in the picture provided.

Emo Activity[edit]

Emo activity varies from many homosexual things, here is a small list of some of those things.

  • Cutting their wrists.
  • Wearing girl pants.
  • Getting emo haircuts.
  • Playing NES.
  • Listening to emo music.
  • Making out with people of the same sex.
  • Painting their fingernails
  • Wearing mascara
  • Dying their hair black
  • Going to MySpace

Sexual Predators[edit]

There are many sexual predators on CrySpace, which is encouraged by the emos, who are gay, and faggots, who are gay. becuase only emos are gay as you remember. Says owner of CrySpace Tom "fag dood" McQueer. The users of CrySpace really don't seem to care either, but somehow they claim they're not gay.

Comparing Emos and Gays[edit]


  • Make out with guys
  • Wear girl clothes
  • Have gay haircuts
  • Very sensitive


  • Make out with guys
  • Wear girl clothes
  • Have gay haircuts
  • Very sensitive

Hmm, coincidence? I think not.

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