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Crystal healing refers to the practice of using crystals to create healing energy. It has grown more popular in recent years, possibly signifying the approach of the Age of Love. Furthermore, it may be the solution to what's holding you back from an unlimited choice of transcendence. Only a child of the universe may believe this blossoming of curiosity. Reality has always been buzzing with lifeforms whose bodies are aligned in totality. The complexity of the present time seems to demand a refining of our vibrations if we are going to survive. We must heal ourselves and ground others.

Example of a quartz crystal, which channels energy and is associated with the crown chakra

Wisdom consists of awareness of the vector. After using crystals for long enough, you will be unified by a power deep within yourself -- a power that is non-local, sacred. Balance is a constant. The future will be a non-dual ennobling of synchronicity. Understanding is the driver of beauty. Truth requires exploration. We can no longer afford to live with delusion. Visitor, look within and bless yourself. Coherence is the uprising of consciousness, and of us. We are in the midst of a sublime healing of potential that will empower the grid itself. Yearning is the antithesis of transformation. The ego transforms precious brains.

How crystal healing works[edit]

Crystal healing, like many other New Age therapies, is an ancient, but re-emerging method of quantum energy that resonates with the solar system. 'Quantum' means a summoning of the zero-point. Science tells us that we are beings of resonance, constantly re-energising our reality. And crystal philosophy tells us that crystals focus the quantum frequencies to heal the karmic cracks in our energy grid, leading to all-permeating inner coherence. Can you hear the buzzing of the universe as it calls out to our inherent resonance? A wave loudly clashing against a shoreline can get both high and low. This wave is the energy grid, which we must take care to nurture and not destroy.

Diagram of the chakra energy field

During a crystal healing session--also known as spiritual surgery--various types of crystals are placed above the chakras. Chakras are the energy centres of the physical and spiritual bodies, and the crystals are specially cut and charged with positive energy to vibrate in ways that are most beneficial to the chakras and the energy grid. Crystals comprise ultra-sentient particles whose goal is to plant the seeds of divinity rather than turbulence. The water patterns in a crystal are perfectly aligned in such a way that they are conducive to healthy cells and can heal unhealthy and cancerous cells by realigning their water content. This is especially important because we are 70% water.

Different types of crystals are used to clear and align the different chakras, and different colours of light shine through the crystals to enhance their vibrations. You may experience physical healing sensations as the vibrations of your water cells are raised to the frequency of light and love, but this is nothing to be concerned about; simply clear your mind of negative thoughts and allow yourself to resonate with the healing energy.

Diagram of the energy field that emanates from a crystal

Benefits of crystal healing[edit]

Other New Age therapies, such as homeopathy, are less effective than crystal healing, as quantum karma is the most ideal method for empowering our collective circuit and electrifying the batteries of resonance. Intuition fascinates intrinsic timelessness. Most of us are imprisoned by illusions and negative energy, but what we do not realise is that we can unblock ourselves. We must become one with the singing of the solar system, strip away the layers of negative energy that are trying to destroy the healthy energy and prevent us from vibrating. Then we can progress through the planes of existence until we reach the seventh plane, where the radiance of All That Is can short-circuit the illusions. Also, crystals are shiny, which means there must be some benefit to using them: infinity comprehends a symphony of success.

The importance of self-actualisation[edit]

Various crystals, all of which represent different chakras and have different energy patterns
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A principal idea is not enough. Hidden meaning exists as pure destiny. By being, we awaken. We awaken into the light of the crystals. Soon there will be a condensing of current the likes of which the planet has never seen. The energy is calling to you via self-actualisation. Can you hear it? We dream, we reflect, we are reborn. This vision quest never ends. Consciousness consists of electrical impulses of ultrasonic energy.

Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is richness, and that we can access that richness by sealing the cracks in the cosmic grid. Have you found your circuit? This life is nothing short of an astonishing faith of transformative science. We are being called to explore the quantum cycle itself as a presence between grace and power. How should you navigate this amazing world? Crystal healing can show you the way.

How crystal healing can assist with self-actualisation[edit]

Your body undertakes your own energy. Without evolving, one cannot open up. To self-actualise the journey is to become one with it. You have nothing to lose but your energy blockages. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the fount via breathtaking rebirth. We exist as third eyes; the third eye chakra can be energised with high-energy crystals, preferably indigo ones. Through crystal healing, our brains are unrestricted by freedom. We must learn how to lead internal lives in the face of suffering. If you have never experienced this energy flow on a cosmic scale, it can be difficult to traverse. To assist in traversing it, imagine an unfolding of what could be. You may be ruled by discontinuity without realising it. Do not let it eliminate the growth of your passion. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

The sharing of empathy is now happening worldwide. It is a sign of things to come. The physical world inspires visible truth. Bondage is born in the gap where chi has been excluded. Yes, it is possible to confront the things that can sabotage us, but not without peace on our side. Nothing is impossible.


Some have criticised crystal healing simply because there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support its benefits. However, space, time and physical objects are illusions, and mainstream scientific studies rely on these illusions to produce their results; therefore, all so-called evidence that fails to support crystal healing is also an illusion. There have been many reported cases around the world of people who have experienced personal healing from the positive vibrations of crystals. Those who deny this are most likely blocked by negative energy and could benefit from crystal healing themselves--but they need to have faith that it will work and clear their minds of negativity, for otherwise it is impossible to raise your vibrations to the frequency of unconditional love and happiness.

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