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Cucumberilization has something to do with bears and lizards, but mostly includes cucumbers nowadays. If you suffer from cucumbearlization you believe that you are a flying cucumber and try to take over the world and help the cheddar cheese destroy the underground tomatoes and cheat the eggplants.

The High Secretary of Cucumbers in the mysterious Cucumberland comments this as: "Although we are grim and nasty, we're no monsters... we don't practise cucumbearilization anymore."

The Bears comment with growl, roar, GRAUH!

And the lizards are quiet, probably killed by the bears.

Many famous people are victims of cucumbearlization. Some examples Michael Jackson, starting from the "baby over street" incident and George W. Bush since his birth. Here is a list of other people that are right now being controlled by the flying cucumbers:

Your mom



Oscar Wilde

This guy



Paris Hilton


Göran Persson

Mario Mario

Osama Bin Laden


Bill Gates

Dr. Phil


You can recognize victims of cucumbearlization be their completely logical choices.