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Cumberland is the richest city/town in Rhode Island, no New England, no the USA, no North America. All the wealth is concentrated in the north of Cumberland, often called "Cumberland Hill." South Cumberland, as it borders Rhode Island's biggest slum (Central Falls) is largely slum-like, and contaminated. The town was named in 1746 after the Duke of Cumberland who crushed the Scottish Jacobite rebellions by making them eat millions upon millions of cucumbers. Due to the fact that Cumberland was seperated from Attleborough Massachusetts in 1746 instead of having one central downtown, the town is messed up and has a few small downtowns scattered across it.


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  • Cumberland had/has large deposits of the mineral Cumberlandite.
  • Ann & Hope, the nation's first discount department store is in Cumberland.
  • Cumberland is the richest city/town in North America.
  • Cumberland used to have a speedway(race track), trolley, monastery (now library) and monks, Hotels (yes more than one), mines, ski slopes, many other things, oh yes and pride. Where this all went, I have no idea. Actually the monks went to Spencer, Massachusetts.



Since the early 1700s, Cumberland has drifted from about 100% White to 96.76% White (almost 97% for Cumberland Hill). However, due to the very high demand for extermination of the White race, by 2010 it will most-likely be 45% Hispanic, 26% White, 24% black, 4% Asian, and 1% other.