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“In Soviet Russia, wrist cuts YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Wrist cutters

Cinderella's evil step-mother first noticed the cuts one night, after she had forced Cinderella to wash the dishes. Cinderella said, "Step-mommy, there is nothing to worry about, the cat simply scratched me, and one day, a handsome prince will come and take me away!" Cinderella's evil step-mother (from herein referred to as ESM) was quite surprised that the cat had been so rough, and had the ability to cut in such completely straight lines.

Cinderella's few friends also noticed something strange about her behavior. Cinderella had been wearing long-sleeved shirts, even though it was the middle of a sweltering summer, and even though she spent most of the day doing manual labor for her ESM. Cinderella had become very secretive, too! Something was obviously bothering poor Cinderella. Cinderella tried and tried, but she couldn't seem to find the words to tell her mom or her friends that the marks on her arms were from something that she had purposefully done to herself. She was routinely cutting herself with a razor when she was upset.

What Is Cutting?[edit]

Photograph of a cut dressed with watery ketchup.

In short, cutters are people too sad to live- but not man enough to kill themselves. Moronically injuring yourself on purpose by making scratches or cuts on your body with a sharp (or dull, because it hurts more) object - enough to break the skin and make it bleed - is called cutting. Cutting is a type of self-injury, which makes it retarded. Cutting is oftentimes more common among girls, but some very effeminate guys sometimes self-injure, too. People may cut themselves on their wrists, arms, wrists, legs, wrists, or bellies. Some people self-injure by burning their skin with the end of a cigarette or lighted match. These people actually enjoy second- and third-degree burns, and occasionally go as far as dousing themselves in napalm and lighting up while singing the Barney song outside of a nursery. This looks really damn cool if you haven't seen it, so feel free to light up one of your local emos if the fancy strikes you.

There are some additional symptoms of cutting as well as the actual injury - leg-humping is one of them, as are baby-eating and hobo_murder. Om nom nom, mmm babies. Fascination with sharp objects is also a symptom, though this is not a reliable indicator by itself.

With all the talk about it, it is obvious that cutting is the latest fad. However, most doctors and parents consider cutting is a serious problem, and recommend that nobody does it (except emo kids, goth kids, Marilyn Manson fans, and Marilyn Monroe fans, as well as the other bastard doctor across the street who's been stealing all the damn patients and not leaving them with any, the fucker.)

Why do people cut themselves?[edit]

People don't always cut themselves for attention. In fact, cutting is what most experts consider to be an unhealthy coping mechanism. This advanced medical terminology simply means that the people who do it have not developed healthy ways of dealing with being dumped or living with being ugly.

Other reasons:

- Freedom from emotional pain. Since their emotional pain is so intense and they hate living in their suburban neighborhoods never having to work, they want to at least relieve themselves of not experiencing the pain their gangster classmates do.

- They want to gain attention

- To intercept radio transmissions and encode their music into their very blood with the razor...

- They're attention whores (did I mention that already?)

- They're fucking idiots who can't tell the difference between pain and love

- They had a fly on their arm, and they couldn't find a flyswatter, honest!

- They wanted to test a new chainsaw and couldn't locate a convenient tree -They cut cause it makes them feel alive,

- Normal sex just doesn't cut it (excuse the pun) and they need something even freakier than last time - No. We will never speak of that again.

A few simple ways to avoid cutting[edit]

  • Most psychiatrists contend that there are many healthy ways to cope with difficulties. Talking to people, such as your parents (whom are probably too busy to bother with you, anyway), other adults, hobos on the street, or friends. Many times, putting problems in perspective can help prevent the act of cutting and thus preserve your delicious blood for Cthulu..
  • When emotions end up not being expressed in a healthy way, tension can build up - sometimes to a point where it seems almost unbearable. Cutting is often-times a simple way to relieve that extreme tension. It's a oft-confused way of feeling in control. This is the main reason why younger teens are more likely to cut.
  • Cutting is nearly always associated with compulsive behaviors, bipolar disorder, compulsive behaviors, eating disorders, compulsive behaviors, obsessive thinking, compulsive behaviors,depression, or being a dumbass. However, it should be noted that people who cut themselves never have problems with drug or alcohol abuse because their lack of blood cannot contain the necessary percentage of drugs or alcohol needed to feel good.

Sometimes when your dog is sleeping and everyonre else is too you might want to cut my friend does on her private areas

  • Instead of cutting onself, some people cut others. This does not leave any noticeable scars on the blade-wielder, and certainly grabs attention if the cut person reacts. This almost always ends up with the other person attacking the cutter. Bonus!

What Can Happen to People Who Cut?[edit]

Although cutting may be viewed as an "escape" from psychological and emotional pain that people face on a regular basis, it can actually be an enjoyable, family experience for many alike to take part in. In fact, many of the happiest people all throughout history have been cutters: civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., ex-president Bill Clinton, former funk and soul musician James Brown, Godzilla's counterpart Mothra, and even little Diddy Kong have been historically, cited cutters.

Psycologicaly cutting is a necessity to life: Men, women, emos, and even giant moths find so much relief in cutting. BunnyXc0re-[Brutal]-sk4nk-sXe commented on the feeling when ever she cuts her self saying ," When ever I cut, I feel like I'm back at my 8th birthday again. once I feel the cold steel sheer my forearm, memories of candy pouring out my grocery store bought Shrek Pinata immediately soothe my pain".

Clearly if cutting is such a bad thin and socially unacceptable,then we should put a stop to it, right?


Why do people want put a stop to something that actually helps one's self and even makes one's self feel good about them self's? Actually, it's an injustice to even tell some one that they cant indulge in an activity promotes nothing but self empowerment; cutting provides sanctity and even more so, a hope for those in the midst of emotional isolation and deprevment.

So to all the cutters out there, KEEP ON CUTTING! Don't listen to a single word anyone else has to say. They don't know the trails and tribulations that you have gone through over your life time. In fact, they don't even recognize your perseverance through lives hurtles a success! All these peopel want to do is make you feel worse about your self! So by all means, cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut! YOU EARNED IT!

Cutters don't usually intend to hurt themselves permanently when they cut, just temporarily, so they can garner some much-needed attention. Many cutters don't usually mean to keep cutting once they start, either. It is not well known that Emo Hitler was a cutter, and eventually died when he cut off his entire penis and fed it to his dog. For attention.

It's very easy to misjudge the depth of a cut, making it so deep that it requires stitches (or, in extreme cases, hospitalization), or to cut only superficially, or to cut so deep that the whole hand falls off, failing completely at ending your miserable life. Cuts can become infected if a person uses non-sterile or dirty cutting instruments, such as razors, scissors, knives, razors, pins, swords, razors, the sharp edge of the tab on a can of soda, lightsabers,sterilized needles, chainsaws or razors. In short, cutters receive infections and die. This is, however, causes the rest of the world some relief, as it means one less miserable spoiled bastard to deal with.