Cyborg Zim

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Cyborg Zim
Classification Irken/Cyborg
Position Invader
Weapon Irken Technology
Loyalty Himself
The Tallest
Dr. Nefarious
In it for Revenge!

“Gentlemen and robots, behold, we can rebuild him. We'll make him faster, stronger, eviler!”

~ Dr. Nefarious on Cyborg Zim

“Lord Zim, rise!”

~ Dr. Nefarious on Cyborg Zim

“I think we underestimated him”

~ Almighty Tallest on Cyborg Zim

“He will rule the earth once again!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Cyborg Zim

“My master is like me now!”

~ Gir on Cyborg Zim

The Downfall of Zim[edit]

In 2021, Dib Membrane finally gathered enough followers to overthrow Zim and Dr. Nefarious and stop their reign of terror. Dib and his followers (after doing battle with Nefarious's mechanical soldiers), managed to break into Zim's main conference room in his imperial palace where he and Dr. Nefarious were plotting to take over the planet known as Coruscant, . As soon as Dib and his followers broke into the conference room, Dr. Nefarious called in reinforcements- a batalian of robotic soldiers to anihilate Dib & company. A huge battle then broke out and when it was over, the only ones standing were Dib, his followers, Dr. Nefarious, and Zim. Dib and his followers then preceded to attack Zim and Dr. Nefarious head-on. In the end, both Zim and Dr. Nefarious were weakened, but Zim was not only weakened, but he was near death. Afraid of losing his partner-in-crime as well as his only chance at galactic dommination, Dr. Nefarious activated his "teleporter" and teleported back to his star cruiser where his butler Lawrence and Zim's publicist, Gir were waiting. Dib and His followers then destroyed Zim's palace as they thought they had achieved victory over Zim and his mechanical cohort. Or had they......?

The Return of Zim[edit]

After several hours of tinkering with Zim's internal organs as well as well as various machinery, including a pocket sized Biobliterator, Dr. Nefarious, his butler Lawrence, and Gir had succeeded in reviving Zim. He wasn't completely back to normal though, most of his body had been replaced with machinery and he also obtained several abilities suh as flight, eye beams, teleportation, laser feet, etc. Zim overall was not to pleased at being resurected a cyborg, but he was glad to be alive as well as having "super powers". Zim and Dr. Nefarious's locations are currently unknown but some sources say that they are in Dr. Nefarious's star cruiser in some remote area in space, waiting to once again conquer earth...

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