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René James Ümlåüt Saint-Exupéry Bąümâñn (born 11 September 1927 in the scenic canton of Nestlé-Höovervér, Switzerland), also known as DJ Bobo, is a highly pale Êürøðåñçé DJ.


As an up-and-coming jockey of discs, his first success was for of the « Somebody Please Dance With Me », which is hit the number of one in all the Swiss lands! After this, he charted it good with the singlets « Somebody Please Keep Dancing With Me » and « Please, Please, Please Please Please For To Be Giving Me The ÊürøŠéx (Please, I Am Begging) ».

René (as called by his avid fans) has been on the receiving end of numerous golds, platinums, berylliums, silvers, and even the amazing 'Plutonium of Basel', which was mailed anonymously from a postal box in Basel to his home and exploded when touched.

Since The Recovering[edit]

Since his recovery he has completed in the Großer-Hôpital du Nestlé-Höovervér, DJ Bobo has changed the tunes of his music to one from a different beating drummer, and has found even the more success in Europe (primarily Germany and Australia), Israel, and several particularly bleak and windy districts of Tierra del Fuego.

René Advocates For World Peace[edit]

In these modern times, he is writing about the world of peace, where we will all get along with our fellow humans. A sample of a song of this type is « Get Along Now, Please, The World (For I Am A Earnest Êürøpéåñ And I Command You To Be Very Good Now) ».

One Small Exception To World Peace[edit]

DJ Bobo loves all peoples of the world, except the Bhutanese. René is filled with tremendous, burning, burning fires of hatred for the Bhutanese. Because of this factoid, people are not to be bringing up the Bhutanese in his presence, for when the Bhutanese are mentioned in his ear, René frightens even his staunchest fan for many an hour with ancient words of swearing that are not permitted anymore by European Union bylaws.

DJ Bobo loves peoples of the world.

René Is Finding The Love[edit]

In response to his song « Somebody Please Dance With Me », in Graubunden in 1993 a person of womanly gender, Nancy LaFemme, did indeed dance with René! Shortly thereafter, they were consummating their interest with freshly purchased Mentos in the park! And today it is rumoured that perhaps they even shall become married.

Together, they have produced a small but fashionable Êürø-Çhïld by the name of Hans-Pierre.

René Is Finding The Money[edit]

In 2005, DJ Bobo's song « Shih-Tzu » was used in commercials by Wal-Mart across Spain. Shortly thereafter, the song became a mega-world-hit!

Eine Kleine Discogrâphée[edit]


  • (Somebody Please) Dance With Me (1989)
  • SOMEBODY !! (Please Please Please Please) Please To Dance With Me (1990)
  • A Party Exists (1991)
  • A Little World In My Trousers (All Just For You) (1992)
  • Blutzucker Sechs-Magik (1993)
  • Motel 6 (1994)
  • Planet Of Many Colors (1995)
    • with the very special unreleased, uncelebrated 27-minute spoken-word track "Achtung! Achtung! Dieser Bhutanese"
  • Celebration (1996)
  • Celebration Part 2: There Exists A Celebration (1997)
  • Pirates Of The Dance (1998)
  • Ninjas Of The Dance (1999)
  • DJ Bobo Millennium Celebration: It Exists (2000)
  • Shih-Tzu (2004)
  • Shih-Tzu: It Happens - The Megamix Disc (2005)