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DMCA is an acronym for Digital Micro Channel Architecture witch is the opposite of AMCA which is the Analogue Micro Channel Architecture. The DMCA was introduced in 1898 after the AMCA became extinct. The AMCA was used in Prehistoric Computers, which used analogue signals to intercommunicate internally among all the components such as the cell barrier, the EPU (External Processing Unit) and all of the analogue plug in cards.

The only difference between the AMCA and the DMCA is that the DMCA channels are digital while the rest of the PC is still analogue, the DMCA thus contains a couple of DAC (digital-analogue-converters) to convert the signals to analogue.

DMCA is also an acronym for the Digital Men's Christian Association which is an association for several digital men like Data of Star Trek. Other DMs from the Star Trek universe includes: The Doctor which is an Emergency Medical Hologram. C3PO is an android from the Star Wars universe that is also a member of the DMCA.

DMCA is also an acronym for the Decrepit Men's Christian Association, which is a sister organization of YMCA, although it would be more correct to say it's a grandfather organization.

DMCA is also an acronym for a famous catch phrase, Don't Mess with California Attorneys, which is often spoken when someone breaks the law copying and sharing music and videos on that state.

DMCA is also an acronym for a famous catch phrase, Dude where's My CAr, which is an affectionate term that President Bush shares with his wife Lara.

DMCA is also an acronym for the Don't Murder Copies Association, which was created to protect the rights of copies.

DMCA is also an acronym for Dont duplicate my Music, or I will throw you in my Car and take you to my torture chamber where you will be fed to my evil, bood-thirsty Alligator. This law is used by the entertianment indistry to stop people from pirating their works.

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