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Daria, the shows main character.

Daria is an MTV show about a popular stupid girl named Daria. She is head of the Fashion Club, a club in her town consisting of herself, her best friend, an elitist snob named Jane Lane, and class dunce Jodie. They obsess over make up, glamour, clothing, makeup, popularity, makeup, jewelry and makeup. Daria lives with her smart, bookish sister, Quinn. Minor characters include Kevin, the class valedictorian, Upchuck, who is ever the ladies man, and Brittany, the black class president. The show was cancelled in 2002, because MTV thought it wasn't smart enough for their audience.

Daria on Beavis and Butthead[edit]

Daria originated on Beavis and Butthead and was used as a comical foil to the titular pair's smart remarks. She was then spun off into Daria. It was a huge hit compared to Beavis and Butthead's highly intellectual humor.


Quinn is often a favorite character in Daria, thanks to the appeal she adds for the intellectual portion of the audience. MTV is considering remaking Daria with Quinn as the show's focus. Quinn's love of the morbid fascinated fans, and she is Daria's polar opposite: unnatractive, smart, sarcastic, smart, and a bookworm. She abhors vanity, and with it her sister's friends. She is cynical in every sense of the word, and is often shunned by her sister, who insists on saying Quinn's her cousin. She hates Daria, and will do anything to embarass her. She is, by her own conscious decision, the worst dressed girl in Lawndale. Her best friend is Sandi, an aspiring artist with a similar view on life.

Quinn, Daria's unpopular sister.

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