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Dark Claw is a superhero from Amalgam Comics, and is considered to be one of the best superheroes ever created unlike Lobo the Duck, another Amalgam Comics character.


Following the founding of Amalgam Comics, and the failure of Lobo the Duck, it was decided that a new anti-hero was needed to combat falling sales and protest from Calisotan audiences. Looking desperately for inspiration, it was finally decided to have a human character only slightly reminiscent of Lobo.

Dark Claw first appeared in 1994 in Sleuth Comics #27, combining elements of Batman and Werewolf legends, unlike the Lobo character who relied heavily on Dracula. Many Dark Claw adventures paid homage to various horror films of the day, including some that paid tribute to Danny Phantom, the famed ghostbusting ghost.

Dark Claw Rules !!!

Character History[edit]

Born in Canada, Logan Wayne grew up cursed as a werewolf, living alone in a haunted house and feeding on trespassers who dared to venture in. He was educated by old books left by former occupants, and soon grew with a sense of right and wrong, albeit a twisted one.

Eventually moving to New Gotham City close to New York, Wayne watched a superhero figure (presumably Batman or Knight Watchman) apprehend two thieves running off with bags of jewellry. Inspired, Wayne disappeared from the shadows and later re-emerged as Dark Claw, his superhero alter-ego and a cross between Batman and a wolf. His first case involved stopping a rapist. While the woman got away, he was stopped by police officers before he could kill the rapist.

Over time, Dark Claw learned to control his hunger, and used his anger only on the more dangerous criminals. Eventually seeking the help of scientists in New Gotham, Wayne was able to control his transformations at will, placing his identity in a more comfortable position. By this time, Dark Claw had received his own title, with Dark Claw #1 first appearing in 1996.


In later issues, Dark Claw received a Robin-like sidekick named Sparrow. There was little known about Sparrow, besides the fact that she was a tough harbour chick keen to get into a fight, and could fly a helicopter easily after stealing one from New Gotham Police Department. Sparrow became Dark Claw's permanent sidekick in the comics, but was absent in the later cartoon series.


Dark Claw has several enemies based loosely on old horror-film monsters. To name a few:

  • The Hyena (Jack Creed)- A muscular psychopath with green hair, claws, fangs, and a white face.
  • Mystiquinn (Raven Quinn)- Shapeshifting moll of Hyena.
  • Graydon Machin- Non-powered son of Hyena and Mystiquinn. A mad politician who served under the Bush Administration.
  • Catstrike (Selina Oyama)- Cyborg cat-burglar with swords popping out from under her fingernails. Has a Love/Hate relationship with Dark Claw.
  • Cybane (Silas Diego)- A drug-dealer of German-Brazilian descent, who inject mercury into his veins, which in the comics enhances your strength and slowly changes your flesh into living metal, instead of killing you horribly.
  • Rogun Al Ghul- Immortal Arab/Japanese warlord.
  • Itsalia Al Ghul- Rogun's daughter.
  • Dakien Al Ghul- Itsalia's and Dark Claw's illegitimate son.
  • Were-O-Dile- Originating from either Canada or South America, the were-o-dial is a curse where the victim changes every night harry reptilian monster. The current carrier of the curse, Waylon Cartier, a former enemy of Brock Samson, is now an enemy of Dark Claw.
  • Hushpool (Tom Wilson)- A horribly scarred mercenary who f**king HATES Dark Claw.
  • Scare Samurai (Dr. Crane Harada)- A metamutant who exerts energy that causes people to relieve their fears. Also dresses a zombie samurai... for some reason.
  • The Sphinx (Edward Shishido)- Man, Japanese people hate Dark Claw! The energy he shoots from his eyes turns people to stone until they figure out the riddle he was thinking of.
  • Poison Scream (Pamela Ravenscraft)- A woman who has all the powers of a plant, but she's not really a plant.
  • Prof. Cornelius Freeze- The scientist who created Dark Claw. Likes to use ice-based weapons.
  • Claynuke (Basil Simpson)- A gooey shape-shifter who can only access his powers (on psychological terms) with "special pills" which are actually placebos.

TV Series[edit]

By 1997, Dark Claw had become so successful that Fox Bros. began the Dark Claw Animated Series, based loosely on the comic series. In the series, the character of Logan Wayne was altered to a reclusive philanthropist who had been able to control his transformations since birth, and an English butler named Albert was retconned into the series.

The TV Series lasted only as far as 1998 with a total of 35 episodes, but a further comic series, Adventures of the Dark Claw, was produced by Amalgam Comics based on the series. A toy line also ran briefly with little success.

Dark Claw Movie[edit]

There have been rumours of a Dark Claw movie being made by Disney, presumably starring Christian Jackman, but so far these rumours have come to nothing. Disneyland constantly denies such rumours, although this was done during the murder of Horace Horsecollar, when the tabloids were buzzing around Disneyland like flies.

None of this is true

Notable Series[edit]

  • Sleuth Comics - Debut of Dark Claw
  • Whiz Marvels - When Dark Claw joined the Judgement League: Avengers
  • Dark Claw - When Dark Claw received his own series.
  • Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour - Major story-arc in Amalgam Comics
  • Adventures of the Dark Claw - Based on the TV series