David Brom

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"David Brom"
200px-U2 the joshua tree.jpg
Album by Aelita
Released June 6, 1994
Recorded June 4-June 5, 1994
Genre Christianity is stupid
Nu metal
Alternative rock
Length 80:45
Record label YTMND/Atlantic Records/Interscope Records
Producers Bill Clinton
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 9/5 - "NOOO!!! It's so freakin' good!! Yeah!!"
The Rolling Stones review 1/5 - "Was she stoned as hell when she made this wonderful piece of God?"
Nirvana review -89990/5 - "We're about to throw up because she's worse than Sanjaya!"
Beatle Albums
For Your Own Special Very Dumb And Retarded Wetback Blonde Sweetheart
David Brom
I Was Killed By Stephen Malkmus' Underwear While I Was Burning A Copy of Snakes on a Plane

David Brom is Aelita's 2nd album, released in 1994 by many record labels due to the hell of it, damn it! She expresses many feelings on this album, especially when she sings about her dead mom on the track, "When The Streets Have No Damn Name!" It was considered platinum by most people, but Sanjaya called it "the worst piece I've listened to in my life!!"

Track Listing[edit]

  1. "A Is Not For Allah, You Terrorists!" (0:45)
  2. "David Brom (3:00)
  3. "I Made Out With Dave Paris" (4:59.9999)
  4. "I Am A Virtual Being, You Lifeless Man" (10:42)
  5. "Stewie For Governor" (1:08)
  6. "My Stapler" (20:46)
  7. "Where The Streets Have No Damn Name!" (5:16)
  8. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For After All of Thse Years Because I Procrastinate!!" (3:00)
  9. "Ricky Bobby" (6:00)

The rest of the album is a sweet, flamboyant guitar solo done by Aelita, but she can't because she only knows how to play the keyboards, damn it! Also, this album is not named after David Brom, the activist.


After the album was released, most people called it the worst piece of crap they have heard in their entire, useless life. Aelita struck back, saying "I'll rape you all when I turn 14 and Donald Fagen gets a husband!" Island Records struck back, saying that they'll sue her. They lost and all of them had a happy ending...NOT!!! Soon, Borat loved this album and so did Stephen's Man Gary Young, but Stephen Malkmus then bought the rights to it, so there.