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Born in North Harrow annualy on the third of June every year since the begging of time, Davros has become famous for no less than 12,950,678,458,740,992 different reasons. The three most important being his four mile long penis (which is not actually phsically connected to him; erection is achieved via a radio signal) and his creation of the DaleksTM a race of cyborgs so evil that millions of helpless viewers were forced to hide behind their seatees on the nineth of May, 1482-2072. He was last seen sucking Adolf Hitler's cock at a performance of the musical of the same name (The Phantom of the Opera) and most of all his . He was shot 14,872 times (once in his leg, once in his anus and 14,870 times in his penis), but escaped by pimpin' several of his hos to a passing goat. He is now wanted in over one country (including, rather surprisingly, Mexico) where he will be destroyed on sight.

The Dalek Years[edit]

Davros claims to have first though up the Daleks whil watching The Wizard of Oz. Everyone in the room (particularly me) looked slightly taken aback at this, and when asked if telling the truth stated that "the mark IV travelling machines shall hereafter be known as Daleks." He then performed the Shakesperian play Dr. No before collapsing in a pool of his own blood. When questioned by a policeman (actually two tramps and Mr. T in disguise) regarding the embarassing incident, he responded with "I'm twatted off my face, thus fuck off". He was then arrested by the Gestapo under the orders of the Fuher himself. This was later revealed to be due to the reccuring sex dreams that Hitler was having.

The Years Actually Even Remotely Connected To The Creation Of The Daleks[edit]

Dalek guy thought up evil robots or something.