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de_Dust is an island located off the south-eastern coast of Iran. The warm climate and "desert" look make it a popular location for Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. The Island itself is approximately several miles, making it one of the smallest islands in the Middle-East. Also, many noobs like to hang out on the island when they first step into the world of Counter-strike. Weapon's dealers, bomb sites, and many camping spots is what make this island so special to people who go there. There are some famous residents on the island, they include:


Chaos erupted on de_Dust when Minh "gooseman" Le created the world of Counter-strike in 1999. Terrorists began invading the island and attempted to set bombs at key locations such as the area above the city of "Ct-Spawn" and also, another city known simply as "B". Since then, no one has been able to stop the madness on the island and many residents have begun to leave. Some stubborn residents have managed to call in Counter-Terrorists to help out. These CTs, as many residents call them, have made tremendous efforts to stop the Terrorists.

Strangely enough this island has only hermits for residents who use the very effective phrase "Keep Out". They are the sole protectors of a rare substance called "crates" which are harbored in "A" and "B". The terrorists know that CT know what to do with them (hide behind them) and so the terrorist do the only thing they at it and place a small blinking weapon between them or even on them.

In around 2000, de_Dust became the most popular island in the Middle East for Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists to fight it out. Over several million CTs and Terrorists have fought bravely and died there. Hundreds of thousands of medals have been given out, some of which are:

  • The Headshot medal - Awarded to a player who successfully destroy's an opposing player by planting a bullet into their face.
  • God-like - A very hard medal to receive. A player must get over 15 consecutive kills.
  • Humiliation - Another tough medal. One must give another player a flesh wound with his knife and take him down.

de_Dust Today[edit]

Since 1999, the popularity of de_Dust, unfortuneately, has begun to die. Many other "islands" or places were discovered for CTs and Terrorists or Ts to fight it out. Some include:

  • fy_iceworld
  • cs_assault
  • cs_militia
  • cheesepalace
  • cs_italy
  • de_aztec
  • de_nuke
  • and (GASP!) de_dust2!

Though de_Dust has lost its position as the most popular Island in the middle east, those who visited it, fell in love.