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The Dead Rising Festival is a festival of all things zombies, pictures, and furry porn, that is held in malls across the country. You could say that the Dead Rising Festival is kind of like Idaho's Portugal to zombies, or Thy Dungeonman's Wikipedia to photojournalists. [1]

What to do there[edit]

  • Buy improvised weapons, like lawn mowers, toy swords, furries, shopping carts, Chuck Norris famous roundhouse kicks, and even those Awesome PS3s for about $12!
  • See grown men in small T-shirts and denim short-shorts
  • Be away from the most horrible creatures on Earth, High-school seniors
    • Or, if you are a senior, you could always be a zombie. Just come to the Festival in clothes you wear everyday.
  • Eat some of the most improbable foods such as raw meat.
  • Give a big Fuck you to Oblivion, because you are better than those fantasy pricks.
  • Take pictures, lots of pictures. You even get a pee-pee when you take pictures of zombie's crotches.
  • Hop in a car & mow down as many cardboard stand-up zombies as you can until the car breaks down.
  • Run away from the crazy Humvee-driving convicts & try to get the badass machine gun from their truck.
  • Help out innocent people who are trapped by "zombies".
  • Take down crazy people who are acting like psychopaths.
  • On the last day, evade cops masquerading as the "Special Forces"
  • Whatever you do, watch out for Carlito, he bites. And not that "zombie" bite, the bugs do that.
  • And finally, get killed by a bunch of High- School seniors.

When and where?[edit]

The Dead Rising festival is held from 12:00 on September 19, to 12:00 on September 22 at any mall. If you do everything the festival has to offer and are on the helipad at 12:00 on the 22nd, you can stay at the festival an extra day, but you are "infected" & have to find the "cure". If you complete the festival, you can stay until you get killed. Then you go to hell, and get to annoy satan as much as you like until the end of the world.

More info[edit]