Deadliest animal ever

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Animals can be very deadly. However, there is one animal that is the deadliest of them all: the Jetsononical War Mammoth. (sorry, mosquitoes; you're old news.) These mammoths are cybernetic creatures with power even greater than that of He-Man.

Jetsononical War Mammoths are very tall creatures as they can grow up to 15 feet tall with a 5 foot Chatelle Cock. The tallest Jetsononical War Mammoth that ever lived was 19 feet tall, which died soon after it was put into a book of world records. These war mammoths have long, stainless steel, metallic tusks that can pierce through the moon and not get stained. Males have longer tusks than females. The eyes of these mammoths are a deep red color with green pupils, making them the favored animal of Satan. Laser beams can be shot out of their eyes. On the shoulders of the war mammoths are Class-47 Unlimited Ammo Missile Launchers, imported from the Himalayas. Dangling off of the sides of the mammoths are machine guns that also have unlimited ammo. This animal enjoys plenty of anal sex with its built in lube system. The anal cavities of the mammoths drop powerful land mines and bombs, while their genitalia acts as jets to allow them to move at high speeds.

Jetsononical War Mammoths are commonly found in Dayville CT, but nobody really knows about them for obvious reasons. The warm and desolate conditions of the theme park serve as a perfect home for the mammoths. This is one of the most boring, even boringst articles I ever read. And I read...well, some.