Debbie McGee

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The Lovely Miss Debbie McGee off her tits on Ecstasy. She also has love-eggs in.

The Lovely Miss Debbie McGee is a Guardian of ancient white energy appointed by the Jedi to control the sinister forces of her husband, Paul Daniels, a Dark Lord of the Sith and devout Baptist. She is able to contain his evil powers via energy radiated from sequins stapled to her bare skin, and the impossibly white glare of her teeth, and by shaming him into admitting that he gets "not a lot" of sex via the use of her Jedi mind trick powers.

In her spare time, McGee previously wrote the English national anthem, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead", which she famously first thought of after gazing into an empty refrigerator and repeatedly slamming the door into her face. She also likes to collect bits of wood and is a 9th kyu expert in origami.

In close company Debbie remains a delight at dinner parties, insisting to be sawn in half for her guests' pleasure or mounted forcefully by her amorous husband while the assembled clap the rutting couple on. She does not hold on formalities and requests to be referred to only by her first name of The Lovely, rather than by her full title of The Lady The Lovely Misdemeanor Debenhams McDonalds-Findus and Geesus Christ Why Did You Marry That Rubgy-ball Faced Loon Daniels.

Debbie McGee once did Dallas.