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Deimos orbiting Mars
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Deimos, moon of Mars with radius equal to half the radius of it's host planet with a mean distance of 60,000,000 kilometres. It was named by the opposite of Phobos (the other moon circling around Mars). In early astronomy, scientists believed that Deimos was in fact an asteroid caught in Mars´ gravimetric field. Modern science, however, has concluded that Deimos is a giant popcorn being held prisoner in Mars´ personal space. Before it popped, it had a radius of 80 kilometers.

Life on Deimos[edit]

Astronomers have had many opportunities to study the conditions on the Deimos surface, since both Pancake One and Pancake Two was sent past Mars and Deimos. An observatory has been established on Phobos in 1998, which led to the ultimate conclusion that despite it's neighbors grand conditions for life, Deimos is not believed to have the capacity to support it. The atmosphere consists of low concentrations of salt and peanut butter. Not even bacteria are believed to be able to breathe that. Even though some argue that the pope probably could, the argument is irrelevant since he is obviously dead.

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