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This is not delicious pie. This is delicious you. Served fresh.

Delicious pie, (or DP) is a highly toxic compound originally found on the moon by Al Gore (he used it quite effectively to melt glaciers). Its the only natural compound known to harm AMes. This compound is about $459.99 a pound. But the most minute amounts are enough to kill a AMe. AMes cannot resist DP to the point of poising themselves to death. Its still rare (only one reserve is officially mined) and its cost makes it a precious resource.


Perhaps the most detailed rendering of the first deposit found (drawn by Al Gore).

DP was found by Al Gore on the moon in the Sea of tranquility in 2005, he found it was superb for melting ice quickly but steadily. He soon applied it's abilities to melt various Glaciers across the world to further his insane "Global Warming" theory. Ironically this travesty caused one of the most important leaps in anti-AMe warfare...IT KILLED THEM (WHOA MY GOD!). While dousing a glacier with DP, Al Gore was attacked by a AMe. He threw the DP at it and found it killed it. This sparked further Research on the compound and would lead to many DP-based weaponry.

Other Usages[edit]

Most likely Al Gore no longer uses this compound as its famous for it abilities and therefore very conspicuous. He instead just hired Polar Bears to act hot and dying instead. Mainly DP is used as a mild narcotic as its really the shit when taken with cough medicine, even more so because its not regulated. As of now no mining company owns the deposits on the moon. Its also a great bullshit filter and poring it in your ears eliminates 100% of bullshit (and all sound).

Physical effects[edit]

DP is known to kill AMes, we all know that...but some good natured children still don't know what its like to get high on DP. DP causes a intense euphoria thats..just..just great. The pupils dilate, the sexual organs nearly explode in orgasm. It has no negative health effects as it came from the moon (a fact still not explained by science). Being the most popular drug in Denmark its rarity as stated above and elsewhere is a simple liberal propaganda machine to trick people(but the price is real). Due to its cost, many people have secretly horded it to themselves, but they soon found out it all turned into grayish-ashy crap (reminiscent of gods' punishment to greed Jews in the exodus). After this point the following affects take place in a strict time frame.

  • Minute 1: Urge to eat copious amounts of fun-yuns.
  • Minute 2: uncontrolled laughing followed by jacking off.
  • Minute 3: The jacking off does not result in orgasm for some reason (no stimulus) so the uncontrollable urge to look at porn increases and jacking off resumes.
  • Minute 4: Next you will want nothing other than to watch Adult Swim and then Spaceballs (this continues for the next 4-6 hours).
  • Minute 5 (after the movies): Then you crash and fall asleep with huge snores, then you jack off one more time before passing out.

This however changes when you Overdose, then minute 4 is the continuous of playing WoW for the 48+ hours and then you decide to "join your heroes in Azeroth" and jump out a window to your death (or serious injury).


Lobbyists hate this compound because it's a safe and awesome narcotic rife with abuse potential and it makes people feel good (something the liberals cannot stand for) and so there's been a "War on DP" but it's not more successful than "the war on drugs' which is a huge waste of money and resources. Most people can afford it however but drug lords have realized its potential and plan to lower the price. Also, the french hate it... but that's not really that important.

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