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Demetria Deovonne Lovato (born Aug 20, 1992)is an American pop star who alliance herself with Media:Selena Gomez. But was later betrayed by Selena Gomez. Selena currently replaced by Taylor Swift.


Lovato reached a breaking point on the set of one of her music videos and after a, what she described as a poor run-through, she turned to one of the back up dancers. Lovato hit her in the face with a steel pipe from point blank range. Lovato, still enraged, got down and violently yanked her arm until it was ripped off. She then bit off the ring finger from the hand she'd tore off, and proceeded to beat the back up dancer with the limb until she was pulled off by the security within the perimeter. Lovato now faces charges, however she was confined to a mental institution with the insanity plea. Now in rehab, Lovato fights the charges by tweeting an apology to the world via Twitter.