Democratic Oligarchy

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Democratic Oligarchy is the process of selecting a leader via the well-known and renowned method of measuring the size of eggs thrown at the competing politicians.

"He's always watching" ~Oscar Wilde

First Recorded Instance[edit]

The practice of this form of governmental organisation was first recorded in the small town of Quartzopolis, New Zealand. The town went for 320 years without a leader before the discovery of the hard boiled egg. During this 3 century reign of anarchy the native sheep of the land had invented cricket,socks,christmas,chinese food and inbreeding. They also discovered Lithuania. But they didn't care.

The Ovine Golden Age[edit]

For over 100 years the sheep maintained a society of sartorical elegance and unsurpassed intellectualism. This resulted in the creation and perfection of the most pointless art of all time, mime.

Achievements of the Golden Age[edit]

  • Cricket
  • Socks
  • Christmas
  • Chinese Food
  • Inbreeding
  • Wrote "Hotel California"
  • They undermined the position of goats by inventing satanism
  • The Speel (similar to the wheel, but more efficient)
  • Beat Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Mikado Biscuits
  • Bendy Straws
  • Screwtop Bottle Cap
  • The Duck-Billed Platypus
  • Pie
  • Pi
  • The Class Society
  • Invented Crime
  • Invented Crime Shows
  • etc.
  • the letter T
Beef Curry
The First Crime Show

The Fall of the Sheep Lords[edit]

The spread of mime doomed the Sheep Empire. So much so that Bill Cosby deemed that "they just don't like the jazz". This combined with the stress put under them from The Wombles of Wimbledon Common for their unyielding methane emissions, led them to an economic cataclysm. In an attempt to recoup their financial loses the once proud nation began exporting lamb and mutton.

The Echoes Of Civilization[edit]

Following the downfall of the sheep nation, the developed countries began exporting their ex-footballers, retired disc jockey and other unsavoury characters to australia in abundance. This led to the Ozzie Exodus of 1734, where over 140 billion austrailians attempted to leave the planet. After reaching New Zealand, they gave up.

As history would have the austrailians brought the sacred knowledge of the Hard Boiled Egg with them and civilised an epic-ly war-torn nation.