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Phrases such as Demon control and demon politics refer to the debate surrounding the extent that governments should oblige citizens to control or confront their demons.

Demon control worldwide[edit]

United States[edit]

A progressive community in the united states that desires to express their demons openly have begun to demand demon marriage and equal rights. The Christian right stuanchly opposes these ideas.

United Kingdom[edit]

Notoriously, the UK had extremely tough anti-demon laws. Under Margaret Thatcher's care in the community, people not in control of their demons were permitted to run free in the street with samurai swords and other implements of fun[1][2]. After much consideration, care in the community is to be ended, much to the disappointment of misanthropes.

Summer of position statements[edit]

The support for demon control varies from country to country, although most people are indicisive or don't care, allowing all arguments to be presented from an extreme point of view. Many supporters of demon control were dismayed when the militant Animal Liberation Front released 7,000 demons into a small town, killing the inhabitants.

Degree of demon control[edit]

Noted physicist Strom Thurmond estimated that the optimum degree of demon control was 50 degrees clockwise


For demon control[edit]

  • Demons are fun
  • Demons save innocent people from criminals with demons
  • Banning demons would mean only criminals have demons

Against no demon control[edit]

In support of demon control[edit]

  • Totalitarian dictatorships have used demon control to impose the tyranny. Since our great leader tells us that totalitarian dictatorships are the pinnacle of human achievement, demon control Must be a good thing!

Relationship to gun control[edit]

  • Opponents of gun control assert that if we all had guns, we could just shoot the demons... or ourselves. Either way, we wouldn't be bothered by demons ever again.