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Template:TNLDen Haag is a small, dreary town in the middle of Netherlands where former heads of state have to go when they have been especially naughty and are no longer important to the geopolitical strategy of any major world power. Although these politicians and their minions are generally brought to Den Haag against their will, hundreds of international lawyers flock to Den Haag of their own volition because of their desire to spend time with Shell executives and Queen Beatrix XVIII.

Den Haag is expensive without being interesting; the prices are Paris, but the entertainment is Des Moines. The Hague also features fun, friendly Dutch customer service, known for its can-do mottoes: "It is not possible;" "We will be closed soon;" and "I do not consider this a bike. I will not work on it."

It is also home to some of the best electro this side of the universe.

Den Haag is a place high in the mountains, its always snowing there and thats why Queen Beatrix likes to live there.

Den Haag has his own soccerteam, it's called ADO Den Haag and it's one of the favourite teams in the Netherlands (because ADO doesn't like Ajax, nicked "The Jews").