Denver International Airport

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Did you mean Denver Airport? that one's very different...

Denver Interplanitrary Ministry of Solar Order also known as DIA and/or DEN is NOT a coverup for the largest concentration camp, NOR an underground base for shady parts of unclassified confidential parts of the Air Force such as the "Department of Navel Intelligence" "Division 6" or "Space 37-0-A". Most of all, the airport was NOT created by The New World Order, or by the Freemasons, and NOT by A powerful underground Neo-Nazi that is secretly securing control over the world's governments. The existing Airport near Denver was NOT meeting the needs of the people, and thusly the great and wise government of Denver created a new and splendid Airport with your most generous tax payments offerings. None of the artwork of DIA is subliminal messaging. Their actually IS such a thing as the New World Airport Commision, and it is competely unrelated to The New World Order, or any other non-existant governemnt regime, furthermore, the sprinkler at the top of the tunnel of the underground people movers do not spry any form of gas used to make people susceptible to DIA's subliminal new world propaganda government advertisments, or any form of incurable, highly contagoius virus such as Australlain Antigen, and, DIA is NOT shaped like a swastika.

Unfortunatly, some people do not believe all of the above bullshit truth, and wish to believe that what we stated was ironicly contrary to the truth. Not to worry, loyal citizens,we have promptly dealt with the likes of "Jorden Maxwell" and the such, whom we have all terminated taken to a metal hospital to be lovingly carred for in there mental instablity.