Derka Derkastan

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“ Providing a safe h ”

~ Founder Osama Mohammed bin-Walton also founded Jihad★Mart

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The sovereign nation of Derka Derkastan has never physically existed. Much like Kurdistan, it exists solely in the minds of its people, the Derka Derkastani Islams. Over 95% of all Islams consider themselves to be Derka Derkastanis, although they will never admit this and will put a jihad on you if you ask. So don't ask. Just believe this. It's definitely true.

Every day, at twelve set times, Islams must sit in prayer facing Derka Derkastan. Since the country does not exist this poses a problem. The different factions of Islamism came about as the result of arguments about the direction in which Derka Derkastan is located, and Islamists have commited acts of terroisim towards one another on this topic It is common for members to program their cell phones to play the call to prayer at the appropriate time, as they are set rather inflexibly.

Due to the inward attraction of the strong-ish force no matter what direction you face, you will be facing Derka Derkstan. This has settled problems with some factions of Islamism but merely heated debate with others. Unsurprisingly, George Bush doesn't care about the conflict or the strong-ish force.

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