Diddy Kong Molesting

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Diddy Kong Molesting's logo.

Diddy Kong Molesting is a Video Game created By Nare, and prodused by Nintendo. The goal of the game is to race through many different areas against random animals, and defeat the evil Wizpig, who wishes to molest Donkey Kong. Diddy is the main character, hence the name. Each race consists of 8 different animals racing for the right to molest the lighthouse. Molesteable Ballons are rewarded for each time a player wins a race.

The game ends when the player defeats Wizpig. Rumors have been spread that You can get Wizpig to push you through the race, but if he touches your back, he molests you violently. Winners of the race may think they got a nice, happy ending, but durring the party the animals hold, Wizpig comes back and molests everyone. Taj helps you through your adventure. He is a magical Weenie.

  • Diddy
  • Kong
  • racing
  • Wizpig
  • Dung
  • Conker
  • Banjo
  • TitTuck
  • Dicksie
  • A bunch of other characters that I will not list due to the fact that I have been bribed
  • oh yeah, a peice of paper


This game has exactly 666 different coded. To access these codes, just talk to your weenie friend Taj, and ask him about "Freaking cheater's codes". Though we cannot list all these Codes, here are the three most popular:


Lets you molest everyone's favorite Lighthouse.


Lets you molest Taj.


Gives the game it's Beta name.


This game consists of five worlds.

  • Dino World

In dino world, the only other racer is Fred Flintsone. The boss of the area is Barney, armed with an erected penis. Oh and laser vision.

DKM barney.JPG

Here you race with normal racers, to earn the right to molest both Ice Climbers.

Dragon Molest world has 50 different tracks, all full of dragons molesting other dragons. The boss is a... DRAGON.

In Whale Bay, you race through 15 water tracks, only t fight a whale's Penis.

What Taj Can Do[edit]

This is Taj.

He can...

  • Give diddy an erected penis
  • give Dixie A penis
  • Enable cheat codes
  • Switch vehicles
  • Molest you

ROM Outrage[edit]

Multiple outrages have been unleaseshed at GameFAQS about where to get ROMS of this game. Mainly from people who don't like the new DS version. Every time someone asks for or provides ROMs, CjayC eats them. This is why popularity has lowerd at GameFAQs. ROMs for this game can actualy be downloaded Here. Yes, I know there is no damn link.

DS version[edit]

Recently, Nintendo released a version of Diddy Kong Molesting for the Nintendo DS. "You USED to like molesting your screen. Well, now you can molest all your favorite monkeyes and other animals, while riding 3 fun vehicles!" -Shigeru Myamoto. As Shigeru stated, in this new version, you don't JUST see it happen... You use a new feature, only for this game. Intead of using your Stylus, you use your Penis.

Here is a complete overview of the DS version's differences.

  • You may now slide your dick up and down on your screen to start your car off fast. You must swirl your penis around while playing an airplane. And atlast, the Hover Car- This is used to take in your moans and heavy breathing after cuming.
  • The graphics are 0.00003% better.
  • A buch of Voice-Acting has been removed for no apearent reason.
  • Stupid NARE disallowed Nintendo to re-use two of their characters previously featured, Lighthouse and O RLY? owl. Fans conplain about them removing Conker and Banjo, but they are just now unlockeable characters, and the fans are too damn lazy to unlock them.
  • With the touch-screen, many new, fun mini-games are included in this version. Including:

Fling A Frog Harm defencless frogs and get attacked by Enviromentalests!

Make diddy cum Help Diddy masturbate till he cums!

Draw in the Sand In this fun mini-game, you must draw a penis in the sand. The lighthouse will determine if it is hot enough to get you a balloon.

  • Last but not least, the final battle with Wizpig has been made easier. Due to him molesting you if you touch the ground/ceiling/walls/anywhere else, you could not win. This is fixed.


Due to the DS version requiring a Dick, women went on an outrage. It was just protesting until Shigeru Myamoto stated "If you women want a fucking dick so fucking bad, get fucking plastic surgery!! ...sorry for my language". Then they started to attack the head of nintendo with cans full of breast milk. After over 500 people were caught licking these cans, Shigeru decided they should make a Female version. This is cerently in progress.