Dino Troy

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Dino Troy[edit]

Nature's "Dino-mite" child.

What is a Dino-Troy?[edit]

The term "dino" can also be used to refer to a skinny person who lives in a trailer park and has a 6 year-old girlfriend. Dino troys are normally white but think that they are native american. Generally, dino troys will have the name "Troy".

Dino troys are usually found with greasy samsquanches, which is not good for the dino troy population, becuase the dino troy is slowly becoming extinct

"the dino troy" usually puts on birthday parties for himself

What they wear[edit]

Dino Troys generally wear thongs and other ladies' lingerie. He will put bras on his head and run around for hours as a form of self-entertainment.

When a dino troy becomes angry or feels threatened, he will result to attempt to stab the aggressor with a pencil, or his secondary choice, a pen.

The "Dino Troy" is easy to spot, as they will usually be wearing transitions glasses, because they are defenseless without them.

What they eat[edit]

Dino-troys have been known to eat other dino-troys when hungry, and will sometimes prey on the occasional greasy samsquanch as a source of vitamin C. It should be noted that "Dino Troys" love fatty foods such as parrots, samsquanches, and their favourite food of all, nipple pizzas.

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