Dirty Habits

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Dirty Habits

The DVD cover for the film

  • Nuns, Monks and Condoms
  • Amen...
  • The promised land starts in a nun's cleavage
  • Nuns with breast!
Writers Oscar Wilde
Producers Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse
Director Minnie Mouse
Runtime Ninety (90) minutes
Language English, Disneyite
Distributed by Disneyland Confederation
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Dirty Habits was a 1948 Nunsploitation horror film by Disney, starring Vincent Price, Pamela Anderson and Mickey Mouse. It is one of the first horror films to address the idea of transvestism in religion.


In the religious community of Jesusville, a small stretch of land is shared between a Monastery of fat, drunken monks and a Nunnery of flirty, scantily-clad nuns. While they hold services for churchgoers regularly, they also date one another when the vestry doors are closed.

Mother Superior Mary Hinge (Anderson) is actually a transvestite called Bob, with a fixation for wearing women's clothing. As a result of the goings on between the monks and nuns, Hinge decides to try and flirt with the elusive Abbot, who is rarely seen outside of service.

With the help of Sister Cupid Stunt (Mouse), a romance flourishes between the two, and they eventually arrange to meet at the St. Hypocrit's Hill outside of Jesusville. Sister Stunt accompanies her, and she eventually meets the Abbot (Price), accompanied by his own chaperone, Brother C. Min (Donald Duck). Eventually, the Abbot and Hinge start making out and eventually have sex, whilst Brother Min and Sister Stunt have gay sex nearby. After that, the groups continue to meet up for the next few days.

However, on Sunday, the sabbath, Hinge and the Abbot skip service to fuck one another on the Hill. But a full moon rises, and the Abbot shows his reason for hiding, for he is, in fact, a werewolf. But he cannot bring himself to kill the shemale he loves, and so just bangs her like there's no tomorrow until both of them are shagged out.

Sister Stunt and Brother Min wander out to the hill partly to find their superiors, but mostly to fuck their brains out. They find the werewolf and try to kill it, but are both brutally slaughtered by the beast, having their heads torn off and their testicles ripped out and stuffed down their throat, whilst their hands are tied up with their own intestines and their hearts torn out and shoved up their assholes.

Naturally terrified, Hinge retreats to the Nunnery, where the Nuns and Monks are all in a drunken orgy. The werewolf, after his bride, massacres every last one of them in a similar fashion, before dying of a heart attack. Hinge feels alone and guilty, and kills herself. The police find all the bodies and conclude the massacre to be a result of death by misadventure.


The film was a straight-to-video release, and received fairly modest reviews. Many likened it favourably to the over-the-top horror films by Tex Avery, whilst others felt that the violence fell short of Disneys' usual expectations.


A soundtrack was released on cassette tape a few months after the video. It contains a handful of instrumental songs plus some that weren't really included in the film and were just thrown in for kicks.

Side A[edit]

  • 1: Dirty Habits (02:55)
  • 2: The Service (09:12)
  • 3: God is Watching (with the VeggieFables) (01:45)
  • 4: My Lovely Horsecock (02:46)
  • 5: Every Sperm is Sacred (04:33)

Side B[edit]

  • 1: Shagging on the Hill (02:46)
  • 2: Chariots of Fire (07:23)
  • 3: Transformation (03:34)
  • 4: Phartiphukborlz (04:01)
  • 5: YMCA (04:44)


  • The film was originally called A Demonic Werewolf in Heaven.
  • Pamela Anderson, in a rare surprise, wore a bra in this film.


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