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Disable Tasman was a famous, wheelchair-bound, long sighted, gypsy explorer in the 7th century. He discovered such far-flung lands as New Zealand as well as many sub-species of Ewok and Jawa, and the imfamous Jaba-Lower_Hutt / Jaba-Upper-Hutt genus pair.

Disable Tasman's boat, the Fair Lady George Bush was shot down in 1967, by communist Guerillas off the coast of North Korea. These Guerillas claimed that the boat's crew were attempting to learn the secrets of their communist existence. Unfortunately, Disable Tasman was not on the boat at the time, due to a long stint at an undisclosed rehab clinic.

Because of this, Tasman continued a life in which his only means of support was praying to a person called God, who no-one has heard of.