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Grand Theft Auto: Disgaea
GTA Disgaea.PNG
Developer Rockstar, Nippon Echiiiii, Chuck Norris
Release Date 2016
Genre Sexual RPG
Platforms PS3, NDS, Windows 95, PSP
Rating M +17 (U.S.) +15 (Europe)
Would Bart Simpson play it? {{{O-Wilde}}}

Disgaea, is gifted game-child of Nippon Ecchi also known as Grand Theft Auto: Disgaea because it's a spin off of GTA Series. It was released long time ago, in the land of magical fairy dinosaurs. It is the birthchild of a lowly peasant named Bill Gates who rose to fame and fucked ALOTZ of WOMENZ becuz of his massivemassivemaSSive schlong. The plot of the game is extremely complex, ECCCCCCCHHHHHIIIFULLLL and sexual ERUPTION requires great understanding of quantum physics. The game features several secret characters, but the only one anyone really cares about is a character named Vegeta who appears to the Player and can be fought. If the Player elects to fight him, he is found to be Lv 9001 with 9001 attack, defense, intelligence, resistance, speed, jump, and counter points. If defeated, he joins the party and the Player gets an item called Scanner which makes the level of every other enemy in the game >9000. If he defeats the Player (which is an uncommon occurrence considering his arab balls) he screams "Its over nine THOUSAAAAAND!", comes out of the TV screen, and kicks the Player in the balls.


Laharl and Flonne is talking about Snoop Dogg, jeez... i dont know this episode...

Netherworld, the land of heavy metal, is in total chaos. The King Who-Has-Funny-Name has died, and all the demons of Netherworld are trying to became the next king of heavy. Laharl, the prince of heavy, has been sleeping for 666 years. The game starts when talking volcano, Etna, tries to kil... wake Laharl. Laharl is not happy with current situation, and vows to reclaim the throne of heavy. He started to level up, and he then killed some random punks.

At the same time in Celestia, the land of classical music, Flonne is kicked out, since she was too annoying. Flonne wandered around the universe, and put kittens on fire. Eventually she wanders to Netherworld. She tried to set Laharl on fire, but she failed. She managed to escape into Finland. Laharl followed her, while he pw0ned some local zombies and politicians. Eventually Flonne, being a idiot she was, ran into wall. Now it was a time for boss battle! Flonne summoned Michael Jackson, who sended onslaught of sexual harassment at Laharl and his slaves. Etna summoned army of lawyers, who then sued Jackson. Without her summons, the Flonne is easily defeated. Suddenly, Laharl fell love with her shoes. And this is how Flonne became Laharl's vassal, and how Laharl became vassal of Flonne's shoes.

The heavenly pianist, Vulcanus, wasn't happy with situation of the universe. Angels like classical, but he wanted to become the ruler of disco. But he had to defeat the seraph Lamington, who was at level 90. And he was just sad a noob, who was at level 80. He then damned the birds, and stole Flonne's zippo. Flonne went completely berserk, because she could not set things on fire without it, and she transformed into a space monster. She followed him with Laharl, who was now enslaved by her shoes. Vulcanus threw some guy with Flonne's zippo, for some funny reason. The zippo struck at the head of some weird guy called Mid-Boss. Mid-Boss didn't have a clue where the zippo game from. As a religious maniac, he came to conclusion that it was a gift from the god. Flonne went berserk when she saw him with her zippo. She kicked his ass, and threw him into river of lava. Laharl tried to be hero, and jumped after him. He didn't die, because he was the main character.

Everything was fine in Netherworld. But suddenly, the humans of Mars (the land of techno) launched full scale invasion with Abba and Death Star. They were pwned with help of Gordon Freeman, Jennifer Aniston, super robot Friday the 13th and Darth Vader. After the war, which lasted for two chapters, the gang decide to put on a concert. They wanted to combine all different kind of musics. But in order accomplish that, they had to take over the entire universe. They stole the Death Star and Abba, the most powerful WMDs in the entire universe. The universe fell in three chapters. However, they still had to take over the Celestia. But, while they were taking over the Universe, Vulcanus made a deal with Mithos Yggdrasill, the king of disco, and Mithos put his disco angel swordians in the random warping disco floor of Celestia, in a wasted effort to stop the gang. And they pwned some angles. (Afterward, Laharl finds out about the Disco King, and his place, Derris-Kharlan (the land of Disco), but has to go fight politicians to go there, because Laharl is the only demon who disagrees with the commie party). They fought against the Vulcanus, and won. Vulcanus ran away, crying like a little girl. Eventually, the gang arrived into Lamington's personal bedroom, where Vulcanus tried to kill them again. He transformed into a flower. Flonne easily burned it with her holy zippo. Laharl (almost) murdered Lamington, Etna stole all valuable items and Gordon died while playing with scissors. Wallace almost managed took Laharl Throne but is too late, Etna already became Queen of Ugly and kick Wallace ass out of Castle. 5 years later, Leonidas with 300 elite warrior destroy the Overlord Castle. Etna surrender and he was became Leonidas vassal once again.


The game is very easy, this game just like Age of Kings and Warcraft III. This game combine RPG-RTS game. Unsemble Studio impress Nippon Echi bcause this is first RTS ever made and also in PC palffrom. There are three campaign such as Overlord Laharl, Mid-Boss and Leonidas. If you play death match, to win, you must have:

  • Many Vassals
  • Rape every woman in the universe
  • Get an army of 1+
  • Kill yourself and everyone in the vicinity
  • Worship Les Paul
  • Hate Angels
  • Have sex with Megan Fox

There are 8 civilzation such as Demons, Celts, German(Nazi), Grecce(Sparta), Chinese, Britons, Teuton Batons, Celestia(Angel) and the United Nations!!!

Disgaea Game Sreecnshot...

Part of Ending Dialogue[edit]

Laharl: Yo, seraph bitch. I has to defeat you!

Seraph: Yes, my son. For the scripture says, "A bastard son shall smite heaven and he shall be good."

Laharl: What the fuck did you get that from?

Seraph: Can't you see? Scripture... Script... WE HAVE SCRIPTS YOU STUPID MORON!

Laharl: Fine, fine...

Seraph: I will let you kill me my son, in one condition...

Etna: What's that going to be? And don't be making me suck your cock. I'm allergic to angel cum.

Mr. T: What's the condition, fool! ?



Snoop Dogg: Whats IS going on here!! I am teh championz!! I AM TEH CHAMPIONZ!!111



Laharl: Say... who the fuck this two ugly man!?

Bill Clinton: Hey, little kid. Want a fuck?


  • Guitar Hero battle ensures.

Other Plot[edit]

Nippon Ichi also make secret episode such as "Fight With Spartaaaaa", "Ego Trippn", "Touch My Body" and "The Throne Movie" and "More!

Some Plot of "Fight With Spartaaaaa" Dialog:

Leonidas: Who the heck are you, kid!! You know this dangerous place. Go away, btich!! *Leonidas kick Laharl ass hole.

Etna: Stupid btich face, how dare you kick Laharl ass hole. We just passing by here, or i kick you PENIS up!!

Leonidas: This is MADNESS (TM)!!!!!!!! Make ME, MOTHERFUCKER!! SpartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....attac.....

Etna:SHUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTUPPPPPPPPPPPP, big mouth!! You such idiot!!! *Etna kick Leonidas penis.


  • Leonidas kick Etna TOOO____TOOO!!


Laharl VS Leonidas[edit]

Laharl and Leonidas have bit same characteristics...

Some say Leonidas from 300 same as Laharl outfit!! Is that true, stop FUCKKINg OUT!! "This Fuckers same bitch!!" say Mr.T. "These two guy sure not know to wear t-shirt." say Snoop Dogg. And the wried is, Laharl and Leonidas are bit a same characteristics and names.

  • Analyze:

Leonidas Characteristics

  • Berserk
  • Hate Persian a LOT including The Prince from Prince of Persia!!!!!
  • Wear underpants or short I think!! (LOL, is grecce leader dont know how to wear shirt)

Laharl Characteristics

  • Idiot Demon Prince (Later became fuckable Overlord)
  • Berserk
  • Stupid, yet incredibly awesome LAUGH OF EVIL!! (I HATE THIS KID LAUGH. IS JUST LIKE MR.T!! FUCK YOU LAHARL!!)
  • Also wear short or underpants. SEE I TOLD YOU LAHARL WANT BE NEXT LEONIDAS MASTER!!
  • Also Wear a red cape. EVERBODY LOVE RED, IT MEAN LOVE!! BITCH!!!!


Main Characters[edit]

Everyday know this demon kid!! Ahahahahahahahaha!! SHAAAATTTUUUUPPP FOOOOOLLLL!!
  • Laharl — Laharl is the son of King Who-Has-Funny-Name, thus making him the prince of heavy. He is angsty little dwarf, who lost his mum. He hates love and kindess, because they teased him in school. Laharl decided to be strong boy, so he eats steroids in every meal. How else he can rise those huge ass swords? His actual name is Anti-Chuck Norris, but that causes everyone to be terrified, because Chuck Norris is so powerful. So instead of calling him by his real name, everyone calls him Laharl.
  • Etna — Etna is a talking volcano from Italy. She doesn't like stealing, and is always honest. She is Laharl's childhood friend, and his closest vassal. She is so close to him, that she has his bedroom's key. She always wakes him up every day.
  • Flonne — Flonne is sweet little psychopathic and pyromaniac angel, which makes her magnificent in bed. She was kicked out from heaven, when she set Lamington on fire. Flonne wandered around the universe, setting things on fire, like ancient Rome. She also assassinated the King Who-Has-Funny-Name with pretzel. It's also important to note, Flonne is THE Loli of Disgaea.
  • Funny fact: In space no one can hear you scream, but her scream can shatter the glass in space.
Modern William Wallace!! Berserk at London!!

Other People[edit]

  • Prinny Squad — A small squad of exploding penguins under the command of Etna, just like Demolition Ship and Petard in Age Of Empire II. They also double as a police anti-loli-rape squad for extra cash.
  • Mid-Boss — Some random religious maniac, who was murdered by Flonne. He is not Laharl's father! I repeat! He is not Laharl's father! He is killed 109041249075073429349023458340738947539785394857 times in this game, and he always returns from the death. So he must be Elvis in disguise.
  • Hoggmeiser — Hoggmeiser is a rich a-- motorcycle riding pig, who's only purpose is to give Laharl all of his cash, but he only has 20 bucks leading to Laharl summoning a clan of Turtle Ship and Two handed swordsman to kill the fucken loser.
  • Maderas — The master ninja barber of the Netherworld. His reputation has reached every single corner of the universe. Yes, even Iceland. He hates Laharl, because Laharl wanted to keep his natural hair. This made Maderas very angry, because he is very proud of his skills. He tried to kill Laharl with scissors, but failed. He is now personal barber of Conan O'Brien.
  • Gordon Freeman — LOOK!!! IS GORDON FREEEEEEEEEEEEMAAAAAAANNNNNNN!! Everybody know Gordon TREEEman!! He was a super nerd scientist who trying to kill fucking aliens, but in this scene he was trying to Help Laharl to conquer da [email protected]!!!
  • Jennifer — Jennifer is the incarnation of Dr Frankenstein. She created super robot Friday 13, when she was drunk. Something happened between her and General Darth Carter, or maybe not. Nippon Ichi didn't bother to tell us more.
  • Friday 13 — Friday 13 is super robot created by Jennifer, when she was drunk and was being buttraped by her step-father. He is fanatic fan of Hal 9000, and he plans to destroy humanity with super heat vision.
  • Kurtis — Kurtis was happy and positive scientist, until evil terrorists broke his cookie can. It was gift from his mom! Kurtis went berserk and transformed himself into a incredible hulk. Aaaarrggg! Kurtis smasshh! Kurtis destroy! He hates Gordon, because he has hot chick as a sidekick. He dies in the end of the game, and is transformed into a green, nuclear powered, penguin.
  • Seraph Lamington — Every Japanese game needs character, whose gender is mystery. The Seraph Lame-ington is a man, who looks like woman. Or maybe he/she is woman, who looks like a man. But nobody cares, since he/she is an extremely boring person. Only notable thing is, that something happened between him/her and Flonne. He/She is also ruler of Celestia or something. Btw, he is Jesus who got a shave.
  • Vulcanus — This sexy young man is master pianist of the Celestia. However, Vulcanus is just a level 80 noob, who wants to become the king of disco. He stole Flonne's zippo and damned the birds. His fighting style is very unique. He dodges enemy attacks with smooth moves of tango, and throws notes at the people. He can also transform himself into a flower. His ultimate move is called "Ego Crush".
  • Big Sis. Prinny — She is the mother of the Laharl (BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE, IT'S A SECRET), who has come to kill us all, because Laharl hasn't brought flowers into her grave. Actually, no one didn't make grave for her. They just threw her into compost.
  • Aramis — Aramis is magical dwarf girl, who is very manly. Aramis appears in quest, where you must find her lost kittens. There is something funny going between her and Etna. Some people say, that she is a boy. That's not true, no boy can't be that girly.
  • Flanne — Flanne, one of the 5 fraternal twins that Flonne is part of, did not actually appear in this game, except for one stage when Flonne got sick. She spends time being a loli and attempting to seduce and marry an unnamable random player named Banarenth, who apparently stopped existed halfway through.
  • Prism Rangers — AKA LSD Rangers. Prism Rangers are wandering hippies, who are always teaching how to make love. They also share LSD and other drugs. They will take into to rainbow world, if you let them. They were murdered by Flonne. The legend says, that Flonne drinks her coffee from their skulls.
  • Leonidas — Leonidas is more berserk than Laharl. Because he always scream like a girl. And he only eats spaghettifor breakfast Spartaaaaa!!!!!!!
  • Monsters — Monsters can be found from field maps. They will reborn after you leave from the field map. The monsters are infinite source of experience and money. But especially money. MWAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA*choke*AAAAAAA!!
  • Vassals — The vassals are evil terrorists in disguise, who are planning to blow up entire castle. But they aren't able to do that, since they are stuck in random locations. Now they just repeat the same sentence for forever, and throw people with useless items.
  • Adell — The main character of the next game. He had tiny balls but huge muscle, just like The Rock. Quite possibly gay.
  • Rozalin — Other main character of next game. She always trying to rape Adell with her massive LEVEL NINE THOUSAND breasts.
  • Mao — The main character of the game after the next game. He always been bully by other student because he is nerd. They also give he nickname Mao Zedong.
  • Raspberyl — The other main character of the game after the next game. She is Mao Zedong childhood friend. The name is probably based on what her nipple looks like.
  • Your Mom — Yes, she is our bitch now so STOP CRYING N00B!
Adolf Hitler likes to play banjo. SEXUAL ERUPTION!!! HE is also big fan of Disgaea
  • Bill — A old surivour from Left 4 Dead, he also kill Mid-boss 2000 million times!!
  • Zoey — Zoey is also young survivor from Left 4 Dead, he face looks like Final Fantasy series!! After Rozalin fuck Adell, Zoey kill Rozalin because she too young to know that!!

Secret Bosses[edit]

  • Mithos Yggdrasill — Mithos Yggdrasill appears in side quest, where you must take over the disco land, which is defended by it's disco king. You must defeat Mithos in dance constest. If you win him, you will gain game's best armor, the Infernal Spandex. Geting to him is a pain, because the Dark Assembly (Commie Party) doesn't want to let Laharl go to the land of disco (Derris-Kharlan) because they believe that disco is dead and anyone who would go to the land of disco would die and they're tired of having dead kings, because when ever a king dies, a religious fanatic shows up.
Priere has won 13 games awards. Examples are IGN's Hottest Ass Award, GamePro's Most Fapped Game Character, and Uncyclopedia's Online Slut Award
  • Priere — Priere is the queen of rock'n roll. She has HUUUGEE breasts. She confuses her enemies with her HUUUGEE breasts, and then pokes their eyes with a stick. And she has HUUUGEE breasts. They are so huge that if this game followed the laws of the physics, they would be the new center of the universe. Also her vagina was the birthplace of Harry Potter.
  • Marjoly... Marjory... or Marjo whatever — Or Marjoly is evil witch who lives in beauty castle. Her breasts are even bigger than Priere's. But they are fakes, since they swing like water balloons. Or maybe they are real, and are trying to escape. She whacks people and throws some spells... or something. But who cares about combat, when you can watch antigravity boobs?
  • Mr Lordi — Mr Lordi appears as a "Lordi of Terror" in this game. He is the most powerful secret boss. His strongest move is the "Hell Freezer".
  • Michael Jackson — Michael Jackson is Mr Lordi's half brother but, Michael Jackson is the most secret boss whole game, he so hard to find they don't wan't kids finding him cause when you fight him there's extreme pornographic images of him raping Laharl.
  • Saban Gipong — Saban Gipong (known as Jackner Pilin) is the second most serect boss after Micheal Jackson. Is very useless Character, with attack damage only "12" even lvl 2350 with huge leg, i think he was a women. Unqine skill?? Is a leg crusher... DEF?? 490000000 and movement 4000, fast than VMDL in Age Of Empire II cheats unit!!
Yeh!! Yeh!! He is strong than Laharl, he using 80's keyboard as a weapon.
  • Snoop Dogg — Snoop Dogg is a unqine serect boss, he is also known King Of Disco, but he was been defeated by Mithos Yggdrasill . Because he is place is rich of female are trying to rape him ,in love with him and he also use a 70's keyboard as a weapon. Using his ultimate skill, "Sexual Eruption" cause you all female unit will be turned into Snoop Dogg lover, forever. Bad news for Female!! Expect Male (It became Gay, forever!!), his powerful HIT and ATK that cause confused. So, dont let Etna, Flonne, Rozalin, Raspberyl or any female class of you to involed of this. (Most Snoop Dogg like to attract is Priere becuse she had HUUUGEE breasts and fuckable. He is also doing extreme pornographic images. Snoop Dogg fall in love with her, jerk!!)


Overlord's Castle[edit]

This castle is freaking huge. It has four rooms!

  • Laharl's room: Here all interesting things happens. Hmmmm... I wonder why...
  • Throne room: This place is unimportant.
  • Some funny looking place: This place is more important than the throne room. There are two vassals here, and some talking spear, who is lurking in shadows.
  • The only important room: You can find everything from here. Shops, government, hospital and dimensional gatekeeper, who always misses her target.

Dark Assembly[edit]

Even Netherworld has government. Luckily, all the demons are communists, so they will agree with everything. All hail the communism!

Disco Land[edit]

Disco Land is dangerous place. You will find cool and wacky Serect Boss such as Snoop Dogg, Saban Gipong and Alexander The Gerat.

Things to Do[edit]


Because of the friggin billion things to do in this FRIGGIN AWESOME game, here's some fun things to do so you won't get bored killing Mid-boss all of the time. NOTE: So this can be fun, be at least level 200+. I know in real life there can only be until level 100 (see Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee), but who friggin cares!!! JUST KEEP KILLING! BWAWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! KILL KILL KILL!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA I'LL KILL EVEN YOUR MOM!!! BWAHAHAHAH!! WHAT!!! I'M NOT CRAZY!!!! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!! KILL!!!! ARGH!!!! LET ME GO!!! KILLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!

Ahem... sorry, got sugar rush from all that twix... ummm... twix...

  • Kill the final boss again and again!!!!
  • Read Etna's diary so you can know how good she fucked with Laharl's dad, King Who-Has-Funny-Name.
  • Make thousands of prinnies.
  • Make all prinnies level 100+.
  • Make all prinnies level 1000+.
  • Make all prinnies level >9000.
  • Throw ALL the prinnies mentioned above and generate a mushroom cloud.
  • Make 1000 more prinnies.
  • Fap on Laharl's mom.
  • Avoid raeping Flonne.
  • Raep Etna.
  • Raep the prinnies.
  • Raep Etna, Laharl's mom, and the prinnies at the same time.
  • Raep a Magic Knight. See those Boobs? I prefer Priere's real, larger boobs, but this is a good replacement, being tired of Etna and Flonne's flat chests...
  • Kill Baal (Can you do it? I bet you can't... YOU CAN? pROVE IT! I BET $1000 ON IT!)
  • Kill Baab (Baal's younger brother)
  • Kill Bob (Baal and Baab's cousin)
  • Try going to Item world's end (Can you? There's no end, actually... WHAT? THERE IS? YOU LIAR!!! THIS IS BLASPHEMY!!! THIS IS MADNESS!!!THIS IS SPARTA(TM)!!!)
  • Kill more
  • Buy the sequel, Disgaea 2: Curse on Rozalin's Boobs.
  • Kill more again.
  • Hunt Baal, again.
  • Kill Baab, again.
  • Kill Bob, again.
  • Kill Bill (Not the movie; It's Baal and Baab's Dad).
  • Kill all Four at once.
  • Buy the sequel to the sequel, Disgaea 3: Absent Justice - Ace Atourney
  • But spin-off of Disgaea series, Prinny DOOD: May I be you girlfriend!? NO!!! BECAUSE YOU ARE PRINNY THE LOLI!!
  • Laugh at the new protagonist's name: Mao (BWAHAHA it sounds like what Spongebob's pet is saying... MAO! Or CHAIRMAN MAO! MWAHAHAHA!!)
  • Go adventuri- OH SHIT! LOLI!
  • Is it me, or this game has too many loli? Is this game slowly corrupting children to be pedo?
  • Go to Item world and fight Baal, Baab, Bob, and Bill in prinny form, all lvl 9999.
  • Kill Loli masta 3000, a lvl 10000 boss with jail bait powers.
  • Be satisfied, coz you're now DISGAEA SUPREME OVERLORD!!!!
  • Buy the sequel to the sequel to the sequel , Snoop Dogg: Doggy in Da Disgaea
  • Transmigrate all characters so that they're level 1 and repeat all the above.


After 2 days released, Disgaea got 3.5/5 because there is no Mr. T in this scene. One Reviewer ask with the Director:



Leonidas: FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!!

Director: BITCH!!!

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