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Doctor Robert moments after huffing his favorite kitten, Cindy.
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“Count to five, Tamia

Early life[edit]

Doctor Robert was born in Madrid, Portugal, where his dad and mom had a bakery, where he'd lose his virginity to a bread roll.


For creating the Theory of WTF, and other theorems to keep stupid morons in school for life and for the treatment of cow flu cases, Robert won tons of IgNobil prizes throught his career.


As diretor:

  • Bozo' Revenge (1556)
  • When Germans make comedies (2000)
  • BedRocks (2005)

As actor:

  • Wilde (as dubber) (1991)
  • The Lord of the Earrings (1991)
  • The Mommy (1554)
  • Christ (3D) (2000)


Dr. Robert's house

Doctor Robert is a very easy to recognise person. He's got traits that normal people can't seem to avoid looking at.

A middle-aged bald man, one-legged, is a dwarf and weights 23 kilos, and always wears white butcher cothing. Some say he can fly with his ears up to 12 km/h.


In 1987, Bob, for the close friends, started doing wrong medical stuff. His first victim was a 46-year old lady, called S.P.M. (the family asked to keep the name hidden). According to pot-smokers, pliers and a screwdriver were found inside her kidneys. From then on, more than 1548 death cases (the ones that were discovered, the real number varies between the numbers of the population of Vatican and Canada) caused by Bob. As a very wise man and lawyer, Robert managed to get rid of all the 5462 accusations easily. His last victim, a 11 year-old kid needed a nose surgery. Misteriously the boy went missing, and his kidneys were found inside a dog in Bolivia.


He had a fake death announced in 2004, from pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiosis. His body wasn't found, and so the case was filed, although his followers confirm that it was a forged death, and today, he lives in Cayman Islands.

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