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Whiffles the Oedipus Rex once bit Sylvester Stallone

Popular 1980's film cartoon, the tale (from a book by William Shatner) tells the story of a pet detective, Nigel Spade, and Whiffles, his Oedipus Rex dog sidekick. WangaFilms, the company responsible for the film was later purchased by Disney.

History of the Film[edit]

The film is noted as the first film using WangaVision, a synthesis of real motion/cartoon/old porn movies, which produced a very different visual feel than traditional animation. The technique shares many similarities with Rotoscoping, a technique where animators trace live action movement, frame by frame, for use in animated cartoons, though normally they utilise much less porn. Originally, pre-recorded live-film images were projected onto a matte windowpane and redrawn by an animator.

A sequel (originally a trilogy was planned), called "Dog's Dick gets Licked", set to feature the vocal talents of Kenny Loggins, was never made.

Featured Actors[edit]

The Soundtrack featured Kate Bush, Manfred Mann, WLCP and Led Zeppelin