Donald Duck: Full Frontal

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Donald Duck: Full Frontal
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Directed by Dan Aykroyd
Written by Walt Disney
Tamia Fucking Hill
Starring Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Orson T. Pig
Woody Allen
Scrooge McDuck
Daffy Duck
Darkwing Duck
John Cleese
Joe Carioca
Ludwig von Drake
Produced by John Hughes
Seth McFarlane
Distributed by Disney
Release date 13 April 2007 (USA)
Runtime 131 min.
Language English, Duck, Scottish
Budget $120,000,000 (estimated)
IMDb page

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The most known Disney Porn as well as one of the worst Porn movies would be Donald Duck: Full Frontal. Despite the name, only the other characters that surround Donald Duck are naked.


Yes, that's the first mistake about this...this porn has a plot! Donald Duck, the hero of the movie sees that there has been aliens that are invaded by the Duck-Mouse King and he has the power to remove anyone's clothes. (Here's the other mistake...this was used in a Get Smart movie). Donald Duck doesn't get naked since the lasers that use the power to takes clothes off can't seem to affect Donald Duck.

But what happens is that Donald Duck's friends would get affected and they would ask Donald for something like a night on the town. Donald Duck would do so behind closed doors and the next day he'd be refreshed from what he did. This angered the Duck-Mouse King so he made Donald get turned-on to things like Macaroni and Cheese, Carrots, and Knives. Orson, would help Donald Duck to get out of the phobia and he sends him to Ludwigs where he would be asking why everything that Donald sees turns him on, like his couch. Donald couldn't give a straight answer so Von Drake takes him to Scrooge's house where there were 100 ladies waiting for him and it seemed that Donald had all 100 of them in his room that night.

In this scene, Scrooge finds out that one of the Duck-Mouse King's henchmen took his clothes.

So Orson had Donald Duck watch Baseball movies like "A Clockwork Orange" and then Donald got over the pleasureness and then went to Joe Carioca's who was taking a bath and when Donald saw Jose...he said "Why aren't you wearing any clothes"? It seemed that Jose, Donald, and Orson were immuned to the nude laser so they decided to battle the Duck-Mouse King where he had Daisy captured and the Duck-Mouse King (played by Daffy Duck in whiteface) did this because since he was born a nudist, he wanted everyone to be nude. This would end in a fight to the bitter end and Donald saved Daisy.


This movie opened on Christmas in 2007 and this would also be Joe Carioca's last film ever. The movie got a PG rating since it contained Joe Carioca smoking and the most nudity in a Disney Film, even surpassing "Fantasia".

The movie was a big hit for Disney in the 2000's, even though they have denied it since Leonard Maltin gave this film 2 1/2 Stars. But this would be the only Disney Animated Movie that was good at the time as well.


This movie did bring a sequel or two, even making them as bad as the first one....

Donald Duck: Fully Sexual[edit]

After saving the world from the Duck-Mouse King, Donald and Daisy got married and decides to settle down by having a child. Donald Duck Jr. would be the main character in this heart-warming film where both Donald and Daisy have an argument on losing Donald Jr. and most of his adventures would be from going into a zoo to beating-up the Beagle Boys.

Unlike the first one, Orson, Jose, and John Cleese aren't in this version. But like the first one, Donald Duck is fully clothed except in one scene where Donald Duck is just wearing pajama bottoms, and that after the wedding scene which takes-up 10 minutes.

Donald Duck: Fully Clothed[edit]

Here's Donald Duck in the film "Donald Duck: Fully Clothed"

This time...the movie shows Donald Duck wearing...nothing! After having an argument with Daisy on wearing pajamas in bed in the summer and he just gave up on life and...became a duck! The whole time Donald is seen at the marsh and sees that he has rivals such as Daffy Duck and it seems that every day they get into a fight.

The final battle is where Donald and Daffy fight for a piece of bread at the dead of Winter and another duck takes the bread. Then Daisy sees Donald and she gives Donald a blanket, but Daffy would feel lonely and wished that he would have a home. So Donald gives Daffy the blanket that Daisy gave him and Donald goes back home...with no clothes on, but a warm heart.

The only characters that are in this movie is Donald, Daisy, and Daffy.