Double Back: The Video Game

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Billy F. Gibbons (Front Center)

ZZ-top could have never diven the rights to Capcom to create this game. It is named ofter ZZ-Tops song Double Back and it is the best name for this great game. You play Billy F. Gibbons the lead guitar player for the musica sensation. You get one attack to start the game and its the stash lash. Later you get a guitar attack that is simply put gay. In this game you run through countless levels of lava pits and skeleton monsters. Your finally come to a bose and it is none other than the Bowser.

Bowser is programmed with only his shell attack from Super Mario 64. This is devastating seeing they forgot to put a way to jump in the game. All you can do is jam badly on your guitar and lash with your stash. This game is programed terabbly seeing you float instead of walking. Your head separates from your body when you stash lash and the skeletons are so dumb the often kill themselves. If I were you I would buy tampon the game befor this. Lego star whores is a more intriguing game than this. If you love ZZ- Top don't buy this game.