Dr. April Fools

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“Count to one, Tamia - April fool!

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Dr. April Fools (Slappy to her friends) was born on 6th Smarch 1010. Although it is commonly believed that she was the inventor of the Sex Change Operation, it is in fact a complete lie. In truth she was the first person to have a Sex Change.

Dr. April Fools, was born Aaron, however when he was a child he was a flaming homo, so decide to partake in a very dangerous experiment conducted by Reverend Alec Smith, who in truth, just liked to play with scissors. However the experiment was a complete success and Aaron became April, (or Avril when she was in France)

Dr Fools died on June 23rd 2023, of complications form the sex change operation, The President of England declared it a holiday to remember the first person to change sex.