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Sebastian R. Denault (not to be confused with the Boy Scout of the same name and equal fame) was born in the Millennium Falcon in the year Eleventy-tween BC. He was known throughout the universe for his excellent inventions and discoveries. Unfortunately most of his inventions were wrongly credited to other people when his life's work was sucked into a freak black hole and transported to various other time periods. Dr. Sebastian curently resides in East Lansing, Michigan with the famed cult leader, also named Sebastian, who founded the Rainbow of Death.

Inventions & Discoveries[edit]

Dr. Sebastian has made several discoveries throughout his never-ending life. He was the inventor of the telephone, the microwave, Reggae music, the thermo-electric module, the Corvair timemachine and the trans-dimensional machine.

His discoveries include E=Mc2, gravity, the Quarter-Pounder with cheese, and his most famous discovery of the Red firetruck effect. HairyGuy.jpg

The End of Dr. Sebastian[edit]

Later in his life, Dr. Seb began his work on the Trans-Dimensional machine (mentioned above). But when he turned it on, the machine malfunctioned and accidentally warped Dark Jesus to our world. For this fatal mistake, Dr. Seb was chased by an angry mob until he jumped on a monorail and ran away into the forest.

Dr. Seb is occasionally seen scampering about the forest wearing lots of fur. He grew all this extra hair from a special potion he developed to make him stay warm. The potion had one unexpected side-effect though. It caused him to develop abnormaly large feet, and thus he is now called bigfoot. Until Recently the good doctors whereabouts have remained unknown, but after a careful sweep of the planet conducted by satellites it was releaved that he has been devoured whole by Rianne Eisler's Vagina who was subsequently squashed by Philosopholis Thompson, who served them both with pine nuts with a seafood platter