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The Dramamine Pathway is located just above the temporal lobe and in front of the occipital lobe. Its main function is to disrupt sensory processing. Users may see their own brains in unrealistically vivid colors, as shown.

Dramamine is a recreational drug that induces the production of amusing Uncyclopedia memes by going to work on a part of the brain called the Dramamine Pathway (pictured). This Pathway is a marketing construct, located near the Heartbreak of Psoriasis. Its importance, just like other neurological discoveries, was never noticed until something went wrong.

Dramamine is an emulsion that combines an anti-nausea drug with a mild stimulant. The former is usually effective in keeping you from puking and the latter is useless in keeping you awake.

Proper dosage[edit]

There are several accepted doses depending on the desired effect:

  • 1 pill ensures that you don't spoil a party by being the first to vomit.
  • 3 pills ensures that you do spoil the party by going to sleep in the corner.
  • 10 pills turns you into the life of the party, by inducing frightening auditory and visual hallucinations that are so vivid that you share your visions on your way to total paranoia.
  • 50 pills results in a really awesome high, appropriately known as LD-50.

The Dramamine community[edit]

Habitual Dramamine abusers refer to themselves as Dramatists, which is an amusing pun. (To them, at least.) The most successful Dramatists win a lot of Drammies. They talk about trips to the DQ, and they don't mean for Dilly Bars. They have a wide array of other euphemisms for their favorite medicine-cabinet candy.

Users who take Dramamine before bedtime tend to sit up and look around at their surroundings at random. However, non-Dramamine users do too, when mice are present.


Dramamine was devised to remedy numerous maritime problems, such as the tendency of some crews to deal with hull leaks using towels and sand. Widespread use of this remedy relied on the fact that none of the crew dare question the captain, especially when he has water up to his waist.

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