Dress as a French Maid Day

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Little Christmas, or Frizzench Mizzaid in the Irish language, is one of the traditional holidays in the United States for September 13, more commonly known as the Male Epiphany. It is so called because it was, until the adoption of the Solar calendar, the day on which Christmas Day was celebrated. It is the traditional end of the Christmas season and the last day of the Summer holidays for both Primary and Secondary schools.

Modern Tradition[edit]

It's your day, boys!

In many male-dominated cultures, the wife in a holds the responsibility for household sexpot. On Dress as a French Maid Day, the domestic servant responsibilities for household management go to the majordomo or steward. As such, 'Stewart the Steward' must wear the French Maid outfit and dance around with the feather duster, singing Que Sera Sera.


Dress as a French Maid Day is also known as Nuck Ma Bean (Women's Day), so called because of the tradition of all men taking on all the household duties on that day and giving their spouses a day off. Most United States women will either hold parties or go out to celebrate the day with their friends, sisters, mothers, aunts etc. Bars and restaurants across the Hamptons have a near 100% female clientele on this night. Children often buy presents for their mothers and grandmothers and it closely resembles Mother's Day in this respect.

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